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Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Hiking Boot

Video by Backcountry Edge
The award-winning Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR hiking boot offers stability and protection for long miles and challenging conditions but has the nimbleness and light weight to appeal to fast packers, thru-hikers and ounce-counters.

Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Hiking Boot Video

We are taking a closer look at the men’s and women’s SH Crossover Plus Gortex RR boot by Zamberlan. This is a boot that has a lot of versatility. It is made with high quality materials and it is light weight enough for day hikes, but it is also great for your ounce counting backpacker, your fast backpacker, someone who is through hiking who wants a high quality boot that is going to move and breathe with them, but is also going to be du-rable enough for the trail. You have got an all synthetic upper in this shoe so that definitely keeps the weight down compared to a leather shoe that is a heavier weight. You have got some really durable ma-terials here. It is made with Kevlar and Cordora. So it is certainly high quality materials in the upper, but there is also some reinforcements here and they are made of TPU. So that is going to be a little extra stability and it gives a little bit more support, as well, in those eyelets, but definitely high quality materials all through here. You have got some overlays of durability here in the toe and just going around the shoe those areas of the shoe that are prone to abrasion or normal wear and tear, they definitely have a little bit more durability in those key areas. This is a Gortex shoe. So even though it is synthetic, breathable and really light weight, you also have that waterproof protection inside the shoe. And going to the eyelets here, you have got five fabric eyelets and two metal eyelets up here just to give some more stability. So that also keeps the weight down. The tongue of the shoe is connected most of the way up here and I have found that just the collar of the shoe is really flexible while the bottom, you know, out sole and the mid sole of the shoe give you more stability and more support. The mid sole is constructed of the Zamberlan air system and Zamberlan’s modular flex, which pretty much means that there is a couple of different types of materials that are in the mid sole that give enough cushioning, but give enough rigid support for confidence on long days on the trail. So they definitely keep the weight down with their mid sole, but have some more durable materials. You can see that in the heel. That really cups your heel and gives you some rigid support there. But, all in all, pretty flexible shoe and defi-nitely can withstand some rough terrain. The out sole is Vibram’s speed hiking rubber. So it is a really sticky rubber, great on wet surfaces, uneven terrain. And if we start down at the heel there are some breaking lugs there. And moving up you have got some pretty little, little lugs that are going to give you stability and traction on slippery surfaces, uneven surfaces. And you do have those break-ing lugs in the toe as well. A pretty moderate sized heel so low profile heel there. But, you know, just regular size lugs going up through the rest of the shoe. With the high quality synthetic materials and the light weight appeal of this shoe, you can be confident on a variety of trips, whether you are just out for a day hike or whether you are fast backpacking or through hiking. It is the SH Crossover Plus Gortex RR boot by Zamberlan.