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Vasque Women's Pow Pow Insulated Boot

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Vasque Women's Pow Pow UltraDry insulated boot is a stylish option for cold weather and heavy snowfall.

Vasque Women's Pow Pow Insulated Boot Video

The women's Pow Pow by Vesque is an insulated snow boot with full features warmth and comfort so you can go outside in the cold weather and enjoy your favorite winter activities. The outer construction of this boot is made up of the Swede leather and the a synthetic material especially through the cuff here that softens this material up a little bit because the cuff is cut higher to give you better protection in deeper snow. It's going to be more comfortable while you are hiking by having those synthetic panels here it offers a little bit of a break in tension through the ankle. This is a water proof boot using Vasque's ultra dry technology and it is insulated with 400g of 3M Insulate so it's definitely going to be something you want to wear in colder temperatures. It’s going to be very suitable for winter hiking, potential winter back packing as well as snow shoeing. You've got 8 islets in the lacing system, it's attached with webbing construction so it's going to be easy to operate and not tend to get sticky in cold weather. You have this kind of a heavy rubber material on the heel back here so offers some protection and wear against snow shoe binding and there is a bit of a clip here, like a ledge that is designed to kind of hold the snow show binding in place so it doesn’t want to drop off the back of the boot as you walk. The inside of this boot aside from that 400g of insulation does have a wicking mesh lining here in that dark color and as you can see there is a really light soft fluffy fleece lining around the outside here. It's going to be very comfortable against the upper ankle and lower cuff as well warmth. Vasque puts one of their proprietary outsoles on this boot. It does have some good lags to it but it is a specific design that wants to force snow and to the outside of the boot in a way so it doesn't clog and frees up on the outsole. You do get a little bit of a breaking traction here for sense on the heel as well as the toe.