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Vasque Juxt Trail Shoe

Video by Backcountry Edge
The versatile Vasque Juxt trail shoe is lightweight and technical enough for trails and rocky scrambles and stylish and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Vasque Juxt Trail Shoe Video

We’re taking a look at the Vasque Juxt. This is a lightweight, agile trail shoe that’s constructed out of leather with a super durable rubber rand style toe bumper and some tough fabrics here to add to that durability. Under foot on the Vasque Juxt you’ve got an EVA midsole that is giving you cushion and support as well as a bit of an athletic feel on your foot. There is a TPU plate, which is this red material you see here, so a harder molded plastic that gives some rigidity and stiffness to the bottom of the shoe that offers support and more protection for the bottom of your foot if you are on rough or rocky trails. The outsole itself is a Vasque outsole called “Off The Grid” and you can see it will offer some good traction and you can see some aggressive lugs here which make it ready to tackle dirty, muddy trails. It has a scooped out platform in the heel which allows some space to offer better cushioning for your heel as well as some added traction. Vasque has built the Juxt on their Arc Tempo last. This last has a bit of an asymmetrical curve to it as you can see here. It has a tapered toe box but it also has good volume in the toe box and in the mid-foot of the shoe. This shoe will fit folks well who have a higher arch and more volume through the mid-foot. The tapered toe box allows for plenty of space for your toes but doesn’t leave a lot of extra, wasted space for your foot to slide around in. This shoe will have a very agile, quick feel underfoot and folks that are looking for a shoe to use while they are moving quickly and moving over obstacles and doing a lot of jumping or bounding motions are going to like the way this shoe feels and how it responds to that type of trail. The Vasque Juxt is not a waterproof shoe but it is constructed out of leather which will give you some good protection so I’d say if it’s any sort of a rainy or drizzly day out, or just damp weather, go ahead and use this shoe and it should keep your foot relatively dry. There is a nice lacing system here and you can see a bit of the asymmetry design in some of those lace lines that matches up with the Arc Tempo last that we looked at. This gives the shoe a nice fit over the top of the foot and the use of leather anchor points make this a durable and well constructed shoe with a secure fit.