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Introduction to Tubbs FLEX Snowshoes

Video by Tubbs
With a focus on ergonomics and comfort, Tubbs FLEX Series snowshoes offer the maneuverability and traction for optimal performance on packed surfaces or established trails.

Introduction to Tubbs FLEX Series Snowshoes Video

Hi, my name is Katie Heron. I am with the Tubbs Snowshoe Company and I am here today to talk a little bit about our new line of Flex Series snowshoes. The Flex Series is the culmination of years of research, development, and testing, to come up with the most ergonomic and comfortable snowshoe on the market. The key feature of the Flex Series snowshoes is the Flex Tail. It is available on all models of the Flex Series and what it does is it works in two ways. First it absorbs shock from your heel strike and what that does is minimize the amount of stress the joints in your foot, ankle, knee, and your hips. Second, it allows you to have a nice rounded step which is the way that you walk when you are walking in regular shoes over ground. If you imagine a stiff rigid snowshoe, you have a heel strike that happens here and then the snowshoe kind of acts like a lever that pulls you foot forward quickly and it makes you have an awkward stride. Most people compensate for this, they just shuffle, and they pick up the whole snowshoe and just drag it. The Flex Series snowshoes, however, let you absorb that impact from heel strike and have a nice rounded follow through just like you were walking over ground. Another important feature of the Flex series snowshoes is traction. All of the snowshoes in the Flex Series feature these non-parallel traction rails. The enhanced traction on these snowshoes really makes them ideal for hard-pack or icy conditions. The truth is that most people snowshoe on established trails, or hard-pack snow, or in icy conditions, so having a snowshoe that optimizes floatation is not quite as important as having a snowshoe that optimizes traction and maneuverability. The compact nature of these snowshoes, along with them being loaded up with traction, really makes them ideal for on-trail or hard-pack conditions. With other important feature like Torsion Deck, Soft Strike, and Women’s Specific Design, the Flex Series snowshoes really represent the highest level of engineering in the snowshoe market to date.