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Tubbs FLEX Snowshoe 3D Curved Traction Rails

Video by Tubbs
Employing variable length "teeth" and a curved design, the Traction Rails of Tubbs FLEX Series snowshoes deliver maximum "non-slip" performance on icy terrain and packed trails.

Tubbs FLEX Snowshoes Traction Rail Video

On all models of the Flex Series you are going to find these 3D Curved Traction Rails.


The Traction Rails feature variable tooth height which is going to give you maximum traction on uphill or icy terrain.


Second, the curved nature of the rails is going to prevent what we call the saw blade effect. If you imagine a straight rail, when you put It in the snow it is going to create a channel through which the snowshoe can slip forwards or backwards. With a curved traction rail the chance of slipping is going to be decreased.


Last, the traction rails are curved up near the toe, and what that is going to do is it is going to give you traction during toe off, but it is going to reduce the chance of you tripping.