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Therm-a-Rest Women's Trail Lite Sleeping Pad

Video by Therm-a-Rest
The Therm-a-Rest Women's Trail Lite self inflating sleeping pad is ideal for female campers and backpackers who want one pad that can do it all.

Therm-a-Rest Women's Trail Lite Sleeping Pad Video

Manufactured in Seattle, Washington, the Women’s Trail Lite is an excellent balance of performance and price – really ideal for female backpackers, at least for 3-season usage. It’s got a very streamlined profile which helps to give it a very compact packed size. Again, its perfect for strapping to your backpack. It’s very lightweight as well. Polyester top and bottom fabrics, again enhance comfort and give a great feel to these fabrics but also give this great durability, soak up wear and tear when you’re out in the backcountry. Therm-A-Rest also throws in a stuff sack which also helps to protect the pad when you’ve got it in your backpack or storing it. The Women’s Trail Lite has a 1.5” thick self-inflating foam core, which makes it a very comfortable sleeping base. There is die-cutting throughout the pad. The purpose of that die-cutting is to help maintain that light weight – it shaves weight by actually putting drilled cores into the pad. Also by maintaining overall comfort, it remains warm even with that cutting. The Women’s Trail Lite is actually increased in warmth by some bolstering on the part of Therm-A-Rest in some key areas of heat loss for women – that being the hips, torso and the feet. That also makes this pad a nice option for men that know that they sleep cold. Therm-A-Rest does recommend that you store any self-inflating pad with the integrated valve open. When they ship the pads, they are in a compressed state, so when you purchase a self-inflating pad, it’s recommended that you open that valve and give the pad 24 hours or whatever time you can give it open, so that foam can rebound a little bit and get to something closer to full inflation.