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Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleep System

An excellent balance of price and performance, the Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleep System provides kids and budge-conscious backpackers with a Trail Scout pad, a Tech Blanket, a sheet and a pillow.

Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleep System Video

Ideal for first time users, scouts, or any budget conscious backpackers or campers, the Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleeping System combines the various elements that need for a comforatble nights sleep and does so in a cost conscious fashion. The system consists of a Trail Scout self inflating sleeping pad, a Tech Blanket that fits inside its own little pocket, a Compressible Pillow, and a Fitted Sheet that ties the whole system together. The Trail Scout system includes a Trail Scout self inflating sleeping pad. It is a medium length of this sleeping pad at 20 inches wide by 66 inches long. To inflate the pad you simply open that valve. The open cell foam that is inside there will draw air into itself to get close to the full inch and a half thickness. To get it all the way there you will want to add a puff or two of air through the valve to adjust the firmness. The second component of this system is the Fitted Sheet that is sized to fit right over top this pad. If I turn it over you will see that there is a pass through for the nozzle and elastic straps that secure it in place. There is nice texturing on these as well that keeps things firmly in place wether you are using this inside a tent or inside a cabin. Flipping it over you will see that there is also a Tech Blanket. This is the third element of the Trail Scout Sleep System. I have already got it started here, secure in place by the snaps that are integrated into the Fitted Sheet itself. Snap the corners, snap the sides and everything stays perfectly in place for a comfortable night of sleep. There is only the slightest bit of insulation in the Tech Blanket so between that and the 3.7R value or the sleeping pad you are probably looking mostly at warm weather usage and it is certaily suitable for indoor use in cabins and lodges. The final element of the Trail Scout Sleep System is the Compressible Pillow. You can see that it stuffs inside its very own little pocket for packing and transport. You unroll it and give it a little fluff and you will have a nice comfortable head rest. Therm-a-Rest advises that before your first use you should run that through the dryer to give it its maximum loft because it may have been packed in that manner for a time. That will give it help to get back to a comforatble loft for a great night of sleep.