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Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

An excellent combination of comfort, warmth and packability, the Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro self-inflating sleeping pad offers versatility for backpacking, camping or general travel.

Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

With a warm R-value of 4.8, compact dimensions when packed down and a thick, 2 inch base of comfort, the Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro is an extremely versatile pad for year-round backpacking or camping. That foam base throughout the pad also employs pressure mapping technology. What that means is, dual-density foams are used throughout the pad, (differing densities throughout the pad) that give you extra support in those areas that you need it most - at the hips, at the shoulders. And it thins out in those places that you don’t need it, saving weight in the process. Further saving weight are diagonal die cuts in the foam. Take some of the foam out there, you shave weight. At the same time, that diagonal cut keeps heat from being lost in the pad, retains your body warmth and makes it a great warm option for 4-season use. The Trail Pro is manufactured in Seattle, Washington – built here in the USA. Other materials on this pad include a non-slip surface. It has a nice feel to it, increasing comfort. But also helping keep you and your sleeping bag in place on top of the pad during the night. Reinforced materials on the bottom fabric of the pad help to hold up to wear and tear and give it increased durability. For storage, for carrying during backpacking, Therm-A-Rest also throw in a stuff sack. Therm-A-Rest does recommend that you store any self-inflating pad with the integrated valve open. When they ship the pads, they are in a compressed state, so when you purchase a self-inflating pad, it’s recommended that you open that valve and give the pad 24 hours or whatever time you can give it open, so that foam can rebound a little bit and get to something closer to full inflation.