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Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Solar & SOLite Pads

Video by Therm-a-Rest
Technological updates to classic Therm-a-Rest closed-cell foam pads, the RidgeRest Solar and RidgeRest SOLite are lightweight, durable options for 3-season backpacking.

Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Solar and SOLite Pads Video

Therm-A-Rest has made a really nice update to their classic Ridge Rest series of closed-cell foam pads. These pads have been in the backcountry for years and years and provide a really nice, reliable warm base for pretty much year-round usage, at least when coupled with another sleeping pad. What Therm-A-Rest has done they’ve applied an aluminized treatment here to the top of the Ridge Rest. What matters there, the key is, this is reflective. And actually takes your body heat and throws it back in your direction – making these that much warmer than the old Ridge Rest. Ridge Rest is available in two different versions at this point in time – the Ridge Rest Solar and the Ridge Rest SO Lite. We’re looking at the Ridge Rest SO Lite at the moment – a small version of the Ridge Rest Solar. Differences between the two: The Ridge Rest SO Lite has a small thickness here – over ½ an inch, but not by much and is really suitable on its own for 3-season usage. The Ridge Rest Solar is a little bit thicker, a little bit warmer and more comfortable as a year-round option. Both of these pads are excellent options for 4-season use when you couple it with another pad. Put your inflatable or self-inflating pad on top of this and you’ve got a really warm set-up for cold-weather backpacking. Ridge Rest pads are manufactured in Seattle, Washington. Closed-cell foam construction certainly keeps weight to a minimum. It does require that you roll the pad rather than compressing the pad. These are extremely durable. I can’t state that enough. And they’re suitable for all types of terrain. Again, very thermally efficient. Definitely worth considering using this along with other pads to stretch usage into that fourth season and colder weather.