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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream Camping Mattress

Video by Backcountry Edge
Providing optimal comfort for indoor or outdoor use, the unique three-layer design of the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream camping mattress features a plush fleece cover with an ultra-soft pillow top, a memory-foam core and a removable inflatable pad.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream Camping Mattress Video

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream mattress provides maximum comfort for year round camping. It consists of three layers. You are seeing the plush pillow top. Beneath that is a layer of memory foam and at the very base is an inflatable air pad. The NeoAir Dream is available in two different sizes. I have got the large here, 25 inches wide by 77 inches in length. It also comes in an extra large and you will pick up five inches of width on that pad. Each of them is a full four inches thick. So you can see here a nice thick base for your night of sleep. This pillow top cover provides just excellent next to skin comfort. It really is super, super comfortable. Unzipped comes off entirely and is machine washable which is another nice feature once your camping trip is over. Open the zipper on that cover and you can see basically an inch thick layer of memory foam that runs the full length and width of the pack. And then you will see the inflatable NeoAir pad beneath it. We will pull that out. We will take a closer look at that pad. A couple of years ago Therm-a-Rest introduced its line of inflatable sleeping pads, the NeoAir pads, really innovative in their use of horizontal baffles. So instead of five, six, seven vertical baffles, you have numerous horizontal baffles. It makes for a really stable sleeping base even if this is the only pad that you are sleeping on. It does require that you inflate it, but the design of the pad allows it to blow up faster than is the case with every inflatable pad that is out there. Therm-a-Rest does include a pump sack. It is really more of a two part piece in that you can roll the entire pad inside of here. But it also has an opening that fits over the top of that nozzle. Fill the back with air. Introduce that air into the pad if you prefer to do that rather than inflating it by mouth. That will keep moisture from out of the interior of this pad and that does extend the life of the pad. Moisture in the interior there can start to eat away at the materials over time. But this is really the foundation for the piece, light weight, comfortable all on its own. So you have got the modularity here, too, in instances where you don’t need maximum comfort or a luxurious sleeping base. You have got an inflatable sleeping pack that you can use on its own. You can see the NeoAir Dream in its compressed state. A fairly compact offering, certainly, for camping uses. This is great for taking it on your trip. If possible, you will want to store it in a non compressed state as with any sleeping pad. That is going to extend the life of that pad. NeoAir Dream and it is 6.0 R value. It is excellent comfort with that three layer construction. It just makes it a really super great option for year round camping.