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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All Season Sleeping Pad

A lightweight, durable option for year-round backpacking, the innovative Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All Season inflatable sleeping pad has a warm R-value of 4.9.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All Season Sleeping Pad Video

While the name Therm-a-Rest has become synonymous with self inflating sleeping pads, the brand is also build very innovative inflatable sleeping pads like the pad that we are looking at right now, the NeoAir All Season pad. Very lightweight, very packable, but the design features beneath the surface give this an R value that is suitable for year round use. One of the immediately striking features of this pad that makes it different than traditional inflatable sleeping pads is the horizontal baffles. They make this pad more stable and arguably more comfortable than traditional inflatable sleeping pads that have broader, longer, vertical baffles. Those pads have a tendency to feel a little more bouncy, a little like a pool raft, especially if they are over inflated. These horizontal baffles have a truss system or an external system that is out of view that does two different things. First off, it traps some of your body heat and also reflectivity in the fabrics with help to throw your own body’s heat back toward you, making this warmer than most inflatable pads, certainly uninsulated inflatable sleeping pads. The inflatable design of this pad is what makes it so lightweight and compact but it does require that you blow up the pad manually. Therm-a-Rest does include a pump sack that will allow you to inflate this pad without the need for mouth inflation, but you can also fine tune things by simply opening that valve and blowing a little air in, which I will do now. Once the pad is fully inflated the placement of that valve makes it really easy to simply reach over your shoulder and let a little air out to sink into the pad and fine tune your comfort. Air can compress throughout the night, so if need be you can open that valve and blow in a little air to increase the firmness. As I mentioned, Therm-a-Rest does include a pump sack as well as a field repair kit, should you have any emergency needs. Therm-a-Rest does advise that you store the pad with the valve open and uncompressed to extend the life of the pad.