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Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot

Video by Backcountry Edge
The innovative Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot combines an innovative design and lightweight materials to reduce weight and packed size, make set-up easy and provide a comfortable sleeping base for your next camping trip.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot Video

I'm going to show you the Therm-a-rest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot. 15 inches long, by 6 inches wide pack size, less than 3 pounds. It's simply the lightest weight most packable cot that we have seen. Here are the various individual pieces that make up the Luxurylite Ultralite Cot. You have got two collapsible aluminum side rails. You have got the fabric top sheet. You have got a number of different again collapsible bow frames and bow frame fit. That bow frame technology is what makes this cot so unique, again maintains that light weight construction, and let's take a look at how we put it together. So we have unrolled the top fabric. There are open channels one on each end for the side rails. I've already put one of the side rails into place; I'll take the other second collapsible side rails. Introduce it obviously in the open end. It's closed on the other end so you don't over insert it or run half the other side, again just makes it really simple to put together and secure those side rails and that top fabric in place. The Ultralite cot does have streamlined dimensions. Again this is an ultralite cot so 24 inches wide 72 inches in length, so certainly accommodate a regular length or smaller size sleeping pad. So now we’re are going to take a look at how to actually assemble the bows. The horizontal rails, that provides the structure beneath the cot itself. And there are two variations on those bow frames. So we have got the foot, as I turn the foot here, you can see that there are some entry points and at the top of the foot itself a little hook which is where it attaches to the side rails that we have already put on the cot itself. Two sections always go together, one back section, one gold section and they are fitted. The black section will always go in the top of the foot; there are two different sports that you can slide into. If you want to put it in the top, there is a little bit of a positive lock you can feel once you have put that in as far as it is going to go. Pick up another foot, put the matching gold section also on the top connect the two, we have got one of our bow frames put together. Again there is a variation on that. It is basically a double twist bow which is going to be twice the strength of that single bow and we will use these in the center of the cot where you are at your heaviest to provide again that support and structure. You can always go with just the single bows and a lesser number to reduce weight if you are lighter in weight you may not need all of those bow frames. Actually let me start here with the feet again, black always goes onto gold in this case is going to go on the bottom. I will pick up the other foot and mirror that same set up, black pole section positively locked in the top and the gold section positively locked on the bottom. Put those two sections together and you can see that one of these feet is turned the wrong way. When I twist them and they double over, again it’s going to provide twice the strength that that single bow does when we connect them to the top fabric of the cot. So we have already introduced or put together a couple of the feet, we have got single bows here on the first two points, a single bow on the end and that variation, that double twist bow at one of the middle connection points. Turn this a little bit and I will show you how we connect those bows. Starting with a single bow here, I'm clicking that into place on that side rail. You want to put your weight on either side of that top fabric just to make sure it is at its max width and then tension the pole into place again, nice positive lock and that one is ready to go. On this twist pole, again we have got to give it that turn, so that we can introduce a foot here and twist to place the other foot. Out cot is ready to go. Flip it over; you've got 4 inches of clearance off of the ground. You have got adequate support for up to 325 pounds, someone who is a little lighter in weight, maybe 175 pounds or less, you could actually get away with only bringing along four of the bow frames and reducing weight even further. To get on the cot and you see I've got a Therm-a-rest pad here ready to go, sit more or less on the center of the cot itself, feet up and say down. Four inches gives you that minimal clearance but now you've got a uniform surface beneath you, you are up off the ground and likely to have that much more of a comfortable night of sleep thanks to the Luxurylite Ultralite Cot.