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Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot

The innovative Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot combines an innovative design and lightweight materials to reduce weight and packed size, make set-up easy and provide a comfortable sleeping base for camping or backpacking trips.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot Video

Let's take a look at the Therm-a-rest Luxurylite Mesh Cot, 16 inches by six inches packed size, less than four pounds. It is a really light weight compact option for camping or even base camping something like that and unlike any other cot you've seen before. You are looking at the various elements that make up the Luxurylite mesh cot. We have got two collapsible side rails, a number of collapsible, basically horizontal rails. These are our bows, the frames themselves work with the feet to make that support structure beneath the cot. Here is our mesh top fabric and we'll take a closer look at how those pieces come together to make the Luxurylite mesh cot. So you've turned over the breathable mesh top fabric. I have already placed one of the collapsible side rails in the dedicated sleeve on that side of the top fabric, put this pole into position and there is a closed end on one side. Open end obviously on the other side. Just slide it in and slide it the whole way through to that closed end and you are ready for your bow frames. One you've got your side rails in place you want to put together your bow frames. Pick up one of the feet, as you can see there are dual entry points here on the side of the foot. At the top of the foot there is a curved or hooked portion of the foot which is where actually this will actually clip into place on the side rails. You want to take two of the horizontal bars, one of the female, one of the male, put that whole section together, run it through the top section of that foot till it clips into place. There is a positive lock that occurs there. You want to do that same thing with the lower portion of the foot. On the other side you are actually going to want to point that foot downwards and run the pole sections through the entry points on that foot. When we put this into place, we are actually going to give this a twist which strengthens that horizontal bar and gives that much more support and stability beneath the cot. As you can see I have already put several of the feet and the crossbars into place. There are a couple of different openings or connection points on the bottom of the cot itself. It is advised that you use the six feet and six cross bars, if you do so the cot will hold up to 325 pounds. If you are under 175 pounds you actually can probably get by with just four of the cross bars. We are going to show it with all six in place. I'll turn the cot here a little bit grab our last remaining bow frame and again we are going to twist this to give it that full strength. Works best if you step on either side of the cot and make sure that it's at its maximum width, introduce that hook portion onto one of the side rails and twist and lock into place. It is that simple and you've got yourself a cot with four inches of clearance of the ground, 72 inches in length, 26 inches wide, nice uniform sleeping surface that get's you up off of the ground. I'll set off camera here for just a moment, slide a Therm-a-rest pad into place and get a great sleeping pad into place in order to get onto the cot and the pad. Best way to go about that is sitting right in the center of the cot, turn and settle in for a comfortable night of sleep on the Luxurylite Mesh Cot.