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Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Solo Cookset

Video by Backcountry Edge
Utilizing ultra-lightweight titanium and silicone construction, the compact Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Solo cookset is ideal for ounce-counting backpackers and thru-hikers.

Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Solo Cookset Video

This is Snow Peak's Hybrid Summit Cook Set. The whole thing weighs in at 6.1 ounces. It is a titanium pot. You've got a silicone base to that and a silicone lid and a storage bag as well. So here's your lid, you've got a pot and the silicone piece you can take on and off the bottom. You can use it as a separate cup on its own. Here's the titanium pot. You've got handles that you can see fold down against the side of the pot itself. The pot holds 28 fluid ounces of water. It's going to be great for one or two backpackers going ultralight. Most likely somebody who's doing really simple cooking and just wants to boil water to eat dehydrated meals or to make hot drinks. So some neat features built into the silicone lid here is obviously it fits here easily, it's not going to burn your hand, you can touch it with bare skin to take it on and off. There are a couple little notches cut into the long ends here; that allows steam to escape and gives you a good idea of when your water is coming to a boil. The other thing is once you get this on your stove and you've got the handles there, you can use the inside of this as a pot holder. So slide this over that, grab it while it's hot, take it off, move it around. It's kind of a nice little feature and it's a lightweight lid. The silicone cup does fit over the bottom of the pot, so if it's hot, you can use it kind of as a cozy but it also works well for storage. You can pack the lid in there as well and the whole thing comes with and fits into a small, mesh storage sack. So one of the fantastic things about Snow Peak's cook sets is that they're very versatile and you can kind of start off with something simple and build to something larger. So here's the Hybrid Summit Cook Set and a fuel canister and the Giga Power stove does fit inside there and you can put the lid on. Now let's say you're going out with a larger group of people, maybe two or three people, Snow Peak has the 900 – it does fit inside there. And if you had even more people, this is the 1400, which the 900 easily fits inside of. And you can build a whole cook set there feeding up to three, four maybe even five people and it'd be very versatile to pull apart and take different trips with different groups of people.