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Sierra Designs Zilla Tents

Three-season Sierra Designs Zilla tents are ideal for backpackers on a budget. The tents are easy to pitch, well ventilated and, with 2 doors and vestibules, they offer plenty of space.

Sierra Designs Zilla Tents Video

We are going to take a closer look at the Zilla series of tents from Sierra Designs. They shell out a whole lot of money to get all the features you are looking for in a back packing tent. You don’t always have to. The Zilla gives you two doors, two vestibules, plenty of space, confident construction, but at a price that is very budget friendly. The Zilla is available in a two person version and also a three person version which is what I have got here behind me. Double wall tent so you do have a protective rain fly that also creates two vestibules over the two D shaped doors. Identical sizes on those vestibules so eight and three quarter square feet, so just under nine square feet, just under 18 total square feet per tent. Again, that lets you get wet boots, pack, what have you in out of the rain without having it eat up the available floor space inside the tent. Really simple pole geometry on the Zilla tents makes it simple to put these tents up. Looks like two poles running from opposite corners. Actually functions as a single pole because of the swivel hub design right here in the center. Gives the tent free standing structure. So it will stand without being staked, always advise that you do stake out the tents for the taughtest of pitches. Stakes certainly included with the purchase. Nice overhead peak height, I believe 46 inches here in the Zilla three. Forty inches not eh two which is really nice overhead height on a tent of that size. On the tent body you can see that there is very ample mesh. So once you get up a couple of feet off of the floor you have got excellent ventilation here with the mesh running the whole way around, also on the doors. We did talk about there being two doors, nice sized D shape doors so easy in and out of the tent. You don’t feel like you are crawling thought the tiniest of spaces. There are clips that get those doors out of the way so you are not stepping all over them. And, again, increases that air flow especially on balmy days like the day we have got here today. There is some internal organization, some pockets on either side of the tent and they are separated into dual pockets inside. There has even got a little organization even within those pockets. There are gear loft loops as well. The gear loft is not included. It is sold separately. PVC three seam tape throughout the tent so you have got the confidence there as far as weather protection is concerned. Same story on the fly which goes over the top of the tent. A separate foot print is available for purchase that further protects the floor of the tent. So, again, Zilla series of tents from sierra designs, certainly priced to appeal to back packers and campers. Nice space inside the tent easy up, easy take down and, again, that confident build that you get from Sierra Designs.