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Sierra Designs Light Year 1 Tent

Video by Sierra Designs
With a packed size of 19" x 5" and a feather-light trail weight of 2 pounds 11 ounces, the Sierra Designs Light Year 1 tent is a lightweight, reliable option for 3-season backpacking.

Sierra Designs Light Year 1 Tent Video

I'm standing next to the Sierra Designs Light Year 1 tent. It's kind of the standard, go-to tent if you're fast-packing or just for a quick overnight outing. It's a 1-person tent, so either it's just by yourself or a really good friend to bring along. But the thing I like about this tent is it's super lightweight. It weighs under 3 pounds. It comes in at 2 pounds and 11 ounces. And everything about the design and the function of it is basically to shave those critical ounces so it's not taking as much space up in your pack or weight on your shoulders. It's got one stake-out point in the front and the back and 2 DAC Featherlight NSL poles. The DAC Featherlight poles are so nice because they're a little larger diameter pole, but they have a thinner side wall which actually makes them lighter and strong. There are these non-rotating elbow bends right here which prevent these poles from twisting. Just the ultralight weight clips as well as the H-clips here. The door is an ultralight D-door as well. So you don't have a full-zip door, but again, you're saving critical ounces by not having a larger zipper. For a small tent, there's still pretty good head room. The peak height is 38 inches. You've got a super lightweight 40D HT Nylon rain fly. It's lightweight, efficient, easy to set-up, overall a great tent. Love the Lightyear 1.