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Sierra Designs Cal DriDown 13 Degree Sleeping Bag

Thanks to its water-resistant 800-fill DriDown insulation, the Sierra Designs Cal DriDown 13 Degree sleeping provides e all-weather reliability and lightweight, compressible performance.

Sierra Designs Cal DriDown 13 Degree Sleeping Bag

This is the Sierra Designs Cal DriDown 13 degree sleeping bag. You can see it is a mummy shaped bag. A lot of different things going on here in this bag, advanced tech-nology on the baffles. Most importantly that dry down insulation is a treated down. That gives you the same light weight compressibility you would expect in a down insulation, but weather proof protection that makes it work more like a synthetic sleeping bag. The dry down insulation used in this sleeping bag is a premium 800 fill. The individual plumes of that down insulation are treated. It gives it a hydrophobic finish. So traditional-ly down bags if they become wet, lose their insulative property. They cannot keep you warm any longer. Where synthetic has outshined it even though synthetics are heavier and less compressible. The dry down insulation inside this sleeping bag it stays dry far longer. If it should become wet, it dries out significantly faster and throughout, it retains its loft so, again, it enables you to stay warm even if that insulation should become wet. To maintain that 13 degree temperature rating the Cal utilizes a couple of different ther-mally efficient features. You have got vertical baffling here on the sleeping bag, differ-ent than the somewhat traditional horizontal baffling that you see in many other places. This keeps that down insulation from migrating, from moving, from creating any dead spots or uninsulated patches inside the sleeping bag. So you have got a nice consistent warmth throughout the night and throughout the life span of the bag. The zipper, as you will see, is not a full length zipper. It basically comes down to high height on the bag. Not having a zipper down below means you stay extremely warm down here. There is nowhere for cold air to get to your feet and to legs, lower portion of your body. Behind the zipper you have got a draft tube sown in that makes sure that cold air doesn’t sneak in even up here where there is a zipper. You have got draft collars around the nice ergonomic hood and also at the neck. Fully insulated hood and, again, the overall mum-my shape of this sleeping bag also improves on its thermal efficiency, its ability to main-tain that 13 degree temperature rating. The Cal DriDown 13 degree sleeping bag is available in two lengths, a long which fits to six foot six inches and a regular length which are we are looking at right now which fits to six foot. The regular length weight, one pound 13 ounces, the long weighs just two pounds zero ounces, so extremely light weight options here for three season back packing. Sierra Designs does include a stuff sack and a mesh storage sack. It is advised that you store you sleeping bag in a non compressed state to extend the life of that bag.