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Sierra Designs Zissou DriDown 12 Degree Bag

The all-weather reliability of synthetic insulation and the lightweight, compressible performance of 600-fill down combine in the Sierra Designs Zissou DriDown 12 Degree sleeping bag.

Sierra Designs Zissou DriDown 12 Degree Video

This is the Sierra Designs Zissou Dridown 12 degree sleeping bag. You have got a thermally efficient mummy cut. You have got very innovative dridown insulation, a 600 fill goose down that is water resistant in a way not common to down insulation prior to its existence. Just a really great three season backpacking option. Down has long been a desirable insulation for backpacking sleeping bags in that it is so light weight and so compressible, certainly far more so than synthetic insulations. The down side is it loses its ability to retain warmth when it becomes wet, which is the upside or selling point for synthetic insulations. Dridown is different. Each plume of down is treated in such a way that it resists water. It is not waterproof, but it takes a lot longer to get wet. Should it become wet, it dries much faster. Most importantly, it retains its loft and in retaining its loft it can keep you warm even if it is wet, which is far different than what is happening in traditional down should it become wet. Other thermally efficient features here on the Zissou here as well that help it live up to that 12 degree temperature rating. You have got a fully insulated hood, a nice ergonomically shaped hood. Also bolstered insulation here at the mouth of the hood around the neck. You open up the zipper you can see that there is a nice lofty baffle in behind the zipper. So if there is any cold air that gets through the zipper itself, it doesn’t actually get into the interior of the bag. It is not a full length zipper. I would call it a three quarter length zipper. Again, that improves the thermal efficiency by cutting down on where cold air can get to. Feet are susceptible to the cold, so no reason to have that opening there. Nice shaping to this foot box. So you feet can maintain a natural position within the bag, just a nice comfort feature there. The Zissou Dridown 12 degree bag is available in two different lengths. This is the regular length which fits to six feet tall and weighs in at two pounds seven ounces. There is a longer version fits up to six foot six inches and that weighs in at two pounds 10 ounces. A couple of other quick features to call out here. There is a small zippered pocket near the top of the pocket that is ideal of keeping keys and valuables close at hand, not inside your pockets. They are inside the bag. Mesh storage sack is included. This is how you would want to store it if you don’t have a place to actually hang it up at home. You definitely increase the longevity of the bag by not storing it in a compressed state. For on trail usage a stuff sack is included. If you are getting the bag for the first time, stuff sack is usually tucked in down below on the zipper. Eight inches by 16 inches is the packed size of that bag, so, again, pretty ideal for three season backpacking. The Sierra Designs Zissou DriDown 12 degree bag.