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Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30

Video by Backcountry Edge
The versatile Sierra Designs Pyro maniac 15/30 degree sleeping bag converts easily for 3-season or lightweight, warm-weather use.

Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30 Bag Video

Here today taking a look at the Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30. What’s really cool about this bag is that is can convert to accommodate a couple of different temperature ranges, obviously 15 and 30 degrees. The bulk of the bag is filled with a 600 fill power down and you’ve got all the regular features you would come to expect in a Sierra Designs Bag. You’ve got their nice, no-snag zipper which is pretty much a 3/4 to full length zipper and it’s backed by a full baffle. On the inside of the bag at the hood, you’ve got a fully articulated hood with two points of adjustment. Let me zip this back up here and show that off. You get a cord that control around the bottom and a cord that controls the top. I’ve always thought that Sierra Designs has some of the best fitting hood in their bags because it’s a jacket style hood that lets you draw it in so much around the head. What really makes the Pyro Maniac what it is, is the fact that it can convert. You’ve got three snaps here that you can see on this grey piping. They pop right open and, I’ve already undone the snaps on the inside of this, you basically have a pocket of down that you can pull out of this bag when you want to use it in its 30 degree state. So you’ve got this nice little puff of down that that you’re pulling off the torso and lower torso area. Taking that insulation away this is now a 30 degree bag. So if you’re going from winter into a more 3 season style bag, certainly a bag that I would use above freezing without this and below freezing with it. The foot box of the bag stays unaffected so your lower extremities are going to stay every bit as warm. A nice compromise there. So, the Core Comfort Technology of this bag is going to keep plenty of insulation around the torso and lower extremities, which is highlighted here by the grey piping and the coloration of the bag. What can you do with this once it’s out? Well, if it’s going to be warm you can leave it at home. Personally I’d bring it along to wrap around my feet if I needed to, if they were cold at night. Another really nice thing to do with it is, at the back side of this hood there is a pillow pocket. So you can take this thing and fold it up, tuck it in the back there, just like that, close over the velcro and now you’ve given yourself a nice pillow that’s built right into the hood of your bag. A really slick feature and a way to use that insulation when it’s pulled out of the bag and certainly something we haven’t see n from anybody else. This is Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30.