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Sierra Designs Mojo 2 Ultralight Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
Weighing less than 3 pounds and employing a unique hybrid single-wall/double wall design, the Sierra Designs Mojo 2 tent offers ideal shelter for any lightweight backpacker, thru-hiker or cyclist.

Sierra Designs Mojo 2 Tent Video

This is the Sierra Designs Mojo 2. The big story on the Mojo 2 is certainly the lightweight as this comes in at 2 pounds, 11 ounces at trail weight and a little over 3 at packed weight. What you get at that weight is still an awful lot of features to make this a comfortable tent for two people. You can see underneath here you’ve got a, sort of looks like stacked ventilation here. There are toggles, which wrap around those poles, that let you close down those vents when you don’t want them, or strap them up around the pole. You’ve also got this spider-like hub system here. Ah, these four front poles are the main part of the hub. The rear poles actually attaches into the hub so it is technically a two pole design but everything comes into this center part and gives it a lot of stability. It is a double wall tent for the most part. You do have this hybrid single wall/double wall design in that you can’t really completely detach the fly from the body but you do have a separate body sitting underneath this fly. We’ll take a look at that when we open this up. You have a single vestibule in the front with a door. You can zip this up out of the way and roll this over and again, a small lightweight toggle to hold that door open. Inside the Mojo2, we’ll take a look here, if you can see from this side that it does have these wings that shoot out to the side, and once we show you a shot down the inside you’ll see just how much space is covered by this particular tent. The Mojo is a great lightweight shelter for thru-hiking and for backpacking. You can see I’ve got two bags side by side in here and it’s going to be a tight fit but it certainly is a fit for two people. Everything kind of tapers down to the tail end here and you can kind of see that you’ve got this mesh wall on either side and a mesh canopy, and then you can see where the wings kick out there is some space on the outside of this tent. You could actually use that as externally accessible vestibule space to tuck a pack and keep it out of the rain but not necessarily need to have it in your tent. We do have standard 20 inch pads underneath these bags and everything does fit. So, it’s not going to be a luxurious 2-person tent but it’s probably one of the better ones that you can get at that particular weight of sub 3 pounds. Here on the side of the Mojo 2 I’d like to highlight some of the flexible space that you’ve got under the wings here. Let me just pop that off the tent fly and you can see the space that you would have here that’s covered by that. Certainly enough to tuck your pack in underneath and have some externally accessible space. Another important thing to point out here is that you do have this nice clip that ties to the tent body so when you stake this out it helps to pull the bottom edge of the tent out and keep that width and the bottom part of the tent from flapping around. A really innovative design. You can see here the way this back, ridge pole runs back to the center piece with a toggle that allows you to control some ventilation on the back side of the tent.