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Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Sleeping Bag Series

Video by Backcountry Edge
Whether you sleep on you back, side or stomach, the innovative Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed and its integrated comforter let you sleep like you're at home.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Video

This is the innovative Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed. You can see we have got two different versions of the bed here in front of us and, actually, it comes in a number of different varieties, different rates of fill, different temperature ratings for different purposes. But there are shared features across the line that make the Backcountry Bed different than any sleeping bag you have ever seen. Before we touch on some of those unique features, let’s talk about the fabrication of the Backcountry Bed. So we have got polyester rip stop fabric on the exterior and a taffeta lining so nice comfort inside, nice durability on the outside. The Backcountry Bed utilizes duck down and it is DriDown duck down insulation. So what you are getting is that compressibility, that excellent, excellent thermal efficiency that you would expect from a down insulation, but the DriDown treatment ensures that this is highly water resistant, comparative to what you would get from a non-treated down. So you are getting the warmth. You are getting the compressibility, but you are also getting all weather performance that you wouldn’t have without that DriDown insulation. The bag we have got in front of us is a 600 fill bad. Sierra Designs does also offer these bags in an 800 fill. A bit pricier with that more premium down. They are also more compressible and lighter in weight. This 600 fill three season bag that we are looking at here, three pounds, one once for the regular length. So still a great option for three season back packing. Some really obvious design features not the Backcountry Bed that separates it from other options that are out there starting with his big, broad, unusual opening on the face of the bag itself. This is a sown in down comforter. So it peels away from the interior, folds down, but is stitched in place. So it is secure. It is a zipper less bag. There is no side zippered entry to this bag. It doesn’t throw open in that regard. But the comforter folds down. It actually makes it really, really easy to get in and out of this bag. It also gives it a lot of venting options. The hood certainly is non traditional. You can see it is just a straight cut across the top of the bag. My concern was initially on this bag was: Can it possibly retain its thermal efficiency? Used this for a few days last summer up in Colorado and it does. It does. It made a believer out of me. The comforter itself has sewn in, integrated hand warmer pockets. That also enables you to pull that comforter in around you and seals it nicely within the bag itself. I didn’t get cold air into the bag. I was pleasantly surprised by that. It was just as warm as the temperature rating would suggest, even with that down comforter. Upside of that was it gave me all kinds of venting options, to get an arm out. I could get both arms out. I could even sneak a leg out and put it completely outside of the bag. In addition to that there is a foot vent here at the ... near the bottom of the sleeping bag. It is not like where I have seen it before, a zipper, a fly to the bottom that you can fiddle in and get in and out of. No zipper, just a pass through with overlapping insulation that retains that warmth when you need it, but lets you hang a foot out when temperatures climb a little bit and you just need to cool off just a tiny bit. Vent that bag just enough to keep you comfortable. A couple of other quick features to mention. As I peal this back, you can see a sleeping pad beneath the bag. There is an integrated sleeve to hold a pad in place. The pad certain-ly does not come with the bag, but whatever you have got will fit inside that sleeve and ensure that the pad stays underneath you all night long for enhanced comfort. The bag does come in differing lengths so that depending on your height go with a different length. You will find a comfortable fit inside the bag. It does taper to save weight similar to a mummy style bag, but a lot more room here at the head. Each Backcountry Bed does come with its own stuff sack and mesh storage sack. Keep in mind you never want to store a sleeping bag in its compressed state. Just seeing the feature set, the DriDown insulation, the sown in down comforter of the back country bed, I am sure you can see why we are so excited by this offering and why we are certain it is going to appeal to all types of backcountry users.