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Sherpa Adventure Gear: A Modern Brand, An Ancient Wisdom

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded by Tashi Sherpa in Nepal in 2003. The inspiration for the brand comes from the colorful culture of the Himalayas and the spirit of high-altitude mountaineering. In their designs you'll find modern materials and performance technologies, but the bright colors and detailed patterning speaks to the ancient heritage of Nepal and the spirit of the Sherpa tradition.

Sherpa Adventure Gear: A Modern Brand, An Ancient Wisdom

Built for the Journey

Sherpa Women's Preeti Jacket
Tested in the rugged Himalayas, Sherpa creates fully functional performance gear that still reflects the heritage of its founders.

Sherpa Adventure Gear builds apparel to perform in some of the world's most demanding conditions. Their designers craft functional garments using high quality fabrics, technical insulations, and weather resistant coatings to deliver comfort, safety and style. Tested in the challenging environment of the Himalayas, Sherpa Adventure Gear strives to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable whatever the weather.

Looking beyond performance, every garment from Sherpa Adventure Gear includes colorful details that pay homage to the Sherpa culture. From small touches like zipper pulls and drawcords that evoke the iconic prayer flags, to bold, patterned fabrics, the unique flare of the brand's heritage is evident from head to toe.

A Rich History

Colorful, patterned designs
Inspired by the timeless traditions and textures of the Himalayas, you'll find colorful details and patterns throughout Sherpa's designs.

An ancient symbol of balance and continuity, the endless knot that serves as the brand's logo reflects the ideology that we are all tied together as one. Sherpa Adventure Gear strives to embody this philosophy through the creation of meaningful employment, providing fair and safe working conditions, and practicing sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. For Sherpa, their Nepalese heritage goes beyond the inspiration behind their designs--many of their garments are handcrafted in Nepal.

Small but Mighty

Endless knot symbolizes continuity
The endless knot embodies Sherpa's philosophy that we are all connected, and the brand strives to be environmentally conscious as well as give back to the people of Nepal.

Though Sherpa Adventure Gear has a small footprint, they believe that their modest brand can make a difference in the world. Since 2008, they have been able to create jobs for more than 700 people in Nepal. They also created the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund, which focuses on building schools, granting scholarships, and providing safer living conditions for children in remote Himalayan villages. The fund's scholarships support tuition, extracurricular activities, and food and lodging for children in Nepal. For every garment sold worldwide, Sherpa Adventure Gear makes a donation to the fund.

Sherpa Adventure Gear approaches their business the same way they approach exploration in the mountains: "One step at a time, helping each other on the climb up, and never losing sight of the destination. " Wherever the spirit of adventure takes you, Sherpa Adventure Gear is ready for the journey.