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Salewa Firetail EVO Multi-Sport Trail Shoe

Video by Backcountry Edge
Offering flex, fit and support and a multi-fit footbed system, the sleek Salewa Men’s and Women's Firetail EVO trail shoe delivers technical performance and lightweight comfort for day hikes, scrambling and approach hikes.

Salewa Firetail EVO Multi-Sport Trail Shoe Video

We are taking a look at the men’s and women’s Firetail EVO Trail shoe by Salewa. This shoe has attributes of both an approach shoe or a climbing shoe and a trail shoe. So you have got lots of cushioning, lots of support that you would find in a trail shoe, but you have also got attributes of a climbing shoe so you have got the rigidity and the stability there. A signature construction of Salewa shoes and boots is their three function system which consists of fit, flex and support. So starting with fit you have got this Y design here on either side of the shoe and there is actually a little cable in there that really pulls your heel into the back of the shoe where it belongs. Going into the lacing and the eyelets you almost have like a climbing style lacing system here when the eyelets go all the way down to the toe. And the third part is just their removable insole here. It is a multi fit foot bed. So you can actually take part of the foot bed out. This gives a little bit of support and a little bit of cushioning, but if you have a higher volume foot you can leave that behind and just use this or take them both if you have your own insole that you want to put in a boot. The second thing to talk about is the flex. So if you look at the heel it is built more like, you know, a traditional hiking shoe where you have got some cushioning and you have got some flex and movement back there. But as you go to the front of the shoe you don’t have as much cushioning and it is more rigid and less flexible. You can really see that in the back part of the shoe here and even in the collar where you have got that flex and you have got movement back here that you don’t have in the front of the shoe. The next function to talk about is support and so starting with the upper it is quite a unique construction, because you have got a lot of different materials going on strategically placed. In the top or over your foot you do have different types of mesh that are going to offer a lot of breathability, you know, if you are moving fast or running and then where you do need those durable areas, you know, throughout the toe here you have sort of that sticky rubber that is really durable in through even connected to the midsole. You have got very, very durable materials that are going to hold up to rocks. The outsole of the shoe is Vibram’s Tech Approach Sticky Rubber. So, you know, as you look at the shoe you do have a lot of traction on rocky or slippery surfaces. Again, down on the bottom you do have some lugs. So, you know, if you are in mud or just on a regular trails you have got the support there. But then moving up towards the top or towards the toe of the shoe you have got that extra rigidity, that extra support. And Salewa even has climbing zone printed right here on the toe of the shoe. So where you would need to get a little bit of edging and that sort of thing if you are scrambling or, you know, doing an approach hike, you do have that extra little bit of support and rigidity in the shoe. Whether you are out for a technical day hike, scrambling on rocks or doing fast back packing this multi sport shoe is going to give you confidence on the trail with whatever you throw at it. It is the Salewa Firetail EVO Trail shoe.