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Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bags

Premium insulation, an array of thermally-efficient features and an EN temperature rating of 25 degrees combine to equip lRab Neutrino 400 sleeping bags for 3-season backpacking performance.

Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bags Video

We are going to take a closer look at Rab’s line of Neutrino 400 sleeping bags, premium offerings, 800 fill European goose down, mummy shape, extremely light weight and compressible. Excellent options for three season mountaineering or back packing. Rab tests all of their bags with an EN test method, a European test method that establish-es a range of temperatures, kind of a lower end and then a higher end as well. Both the men’s and the women’s really are in the range of 25 degrees. So when we talk about three season, you have got that warmth that except for the most extreme cold here in the US, these bags probably serve you well year round. Three quarter length zipper on both the men’s and the women’s bag, so you see that the zipper makes it almost to the foot box. This improves thermal efficiency by not having any point at which cold air can reach your feat. It also has some weight savings as well. This is a two way zipper. So it does give you the ability to a little venting down here in instances where it is a little warm. You have got shaping here on the foot box. That cre-ates a nice natural position for your feet inside the bag. It gives it a little bit of comfort there. The baffled construction on these bags is actually a trapezoidal chamber. What it does is it makes certain that the down insulation isn’t migrating, isn’t moving, isn’t causing dead spaces because of that. So you have got nice consistent insulation throughout the bag. Again, it goes a long way to ensuring that you stay warm. Behind the zipper there is an insulated draft tube. That runs, again, the length of the zip-per, just another barrier in making sure that cold air stays outside the bag. Also insulated tube that runs the whole way around beneath what would be your chin, behind the head here and really kind of seals off to make sure the cold air isn’t slipping over the top. A nice contoured hood on these bags that mirrors what you see on Rab jackets. Points of adjustability here inside the bag, kind of secure things down snugly and again eliminate any dead spots. Also small zippered pocket inside the bag for keys, valuables, anything you might want to keep within easy reach. With each Neutrino 400 bag Rab does include a stuff sack. And this is a really slick stuff sack. You have got draw string closure on the inside to cinch down that bag, compress it to its smallest state. And then you have got a roll top closure on top of this stuff sack. So you are looking at a compression dry sack that is a great feature to have on a three season bag. Additionally Rab includes a cotton storage sack. So when you get home, as you would want to do with a sleeping bag, any sleeping bag, you want to store it in a non com-pressed state. That will maintain that loft and increase the life span of the sleeping bag. Rab Neutrino 400 bags, light weight, packable offerings, excellent build on these bags. Just make great options for three season back packing.