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Placing a Pad in a Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Sleeve

Video by Big Agnes
A dedicated sleeve stitched into the back of each Big Agnes sleeping bag allows you to create an integrated bag/pad system and never roll off of your pad again.

Placing a Pad in a Big Agnes Pad Sleeve Video

Before we go on, I would like to show you the easiest and most convenient way to assemble your Big Agnes Sleep System. Assuming that you go about setting up camp the traditional way (put your tent up, put your pad out to either self inflate or blow a pad up inside your tent, put your bag in on top so that it can loft up, and you go about doing your other activities in camp), you will do the same thing with Big Agnes.


Just before you go to sleep you are going to take one extra step in the process and that is assembling the system. You open the sleeve between your thumb and forefinger and push the bag up against the end of the tent. Catch the foot of your pad and pull the bag onto the pad just like you might pull a pillowcase over a pillow. When you get to the end of the pad you will see that there is a small envelope closure with a Velcro tab in case you would like to seal the enclosure. There are openings on both side of the sleeve so that you can get the valve out to either add air or bleed air.


If you are using a closed cell foam pad or a pad that does not have enough stiffness to pull the sleeve over the pad as just shown, we do put a large opening where you can put your arm through and grab a pad to pull it through. This is particularly useful if you are using a two pad system during the wintertime when there is not enough space to slide two pads and the bag together all at the same time.