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Patagonia Women's Super Cell Jacket

Video by Backcountry Edge
Equipped with lightweight GORE-TEX Paclite weather protection, the Patagonia Women's Super Cell Jacket is ideal for any type of outdoor activity in all 4 seasons.

Patagonia Women's Super Cell Jacket Video

This is the Women's Super Cell Jacket by Patagonia. It's a GORE Paclite piece so you're getting a really lightweight piece. I think of this piece as four seasons. Even though it is not insulated, it's definitely going to function as rainwear through spring, summer and fall and in the winter time, it would make an excellent lightweight shell if you're into alpine climbing or rock climbing. It would be perfect for backpacking and hiking and maybe you'd even throw cycling in there. So any sort of outdoor activity you're doing in weather that's wet or in the winter time weather that's cold and windy and wet and you need that outer layer to protect you from the weather. The Super Cell Jacket is going to excel in all those conditions. It's a pretty basic, minimal design. You've got two hand pockets here. They're very roomy and you'll notice that they're located high enough up on the body that if I was wearing a backpack or a climbing harness, the pockets would be out of the way. They're also strategically situated so if you have pack straps on, you can get to that pocket around a pack strap. So it is really well done on Patagonia's part there. You've got a fully adjustable hood here and it is compatible with a helmet. You've got an adjustment in the back to change the volume and make adjustments there. The other really nice feature that Patagonia does on here is called the touch point system that they have. And this is basically a captured cord lock or an embedded cord lock. So you can see here this gray material is the cord lock inside the fabric, so it's not bulky, it's not sitting against my face, it's not going to get flapped around in the wind, it's not going to catch on things. You've got the adjustment down here so when I pull this, it pulls the cord all the way through the side of the hood here and really snugs that hood down around my head and to release it you just grab this, pressing and pulling. You can see the same sort of adjustment here on the bottom of the jacket. You've got that pull to cinch it in, pressing the cord lock inside and that cord lock's embedded there the whole time so it's well protected. Some design features about the way this jacket was cut that make it extremely versatile is this arm movement with a full range of motion the way the shoulders were designed and cut. You can put your arms over your head, or if you were riding a bike and reaching out or just want to have mobility with your backpack on, you're not getting any movement through the bottom of the jacket and it's not picking the jacket up and making that draft of cold air that comes in underneath. As you can see, it's cut fairly long. It's tailored to come down and cover the butt, which is a nice feature in windy cold weather. And any sort of an activity where you're doing stretching and reaching where you want a little extra coverage in the back.