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Patagonia Men's Super Cell Jacket (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
Equipped with lightweight GORE-TEX Paclite weather protection, the Patagonia Men's Super Cell Jacket is ideal for any type of outdoor activity in all 4 seasons.

Patagonia Men's Super Cell Jacket Video

I'm here today with the Patagonia Super Cell Jacket. This jacket, to me, is a kind of catch-all piece. You can use it as a lightweight rainwear piece all the way up to a piece to go over of a layered insulation like I'm doing today. So it really can see use in all four seasons. All of the zippers on this jacket are a nice lay-flat, laminated design. They're very low-bulk. You've got two zippered pockets here that are placed up high, so if you're wearing a pack they're not going to get in the way. You're going to have access to them. And as you can see, when they're zipped up, they do lay perfectly flat. You wouldn't even know that they're there except for the small toggle. You've also got pit zips underneath the arms. Again, those lay-flat zippers, so you can adjust your ventilation even with a pack on. That's on both sides. Then you've got a really great hood set up. The hood on this is one of the more form fitting ones that we've come across. I'm not going to completely zip this up, but you can see you've got nice little captured draw locks here, where you can draw the hood down and around. And you've got a single pull in the back where you can adjust the hood around the crown of the head. That, coupled with this structured brim, gives this hood a really nice custom fit, very comfortable. There are also some interior touches on this jacket that make it super nice when you've got to have that hood up. I mentioned before that there are some really nice touches on this jacket. So let's go over a couple of those. First thing's first. Captured cord locks. These are built right into the jacket, so when you make a tension adjustment, your cord lock is trapped right in this little gray area. It's basically a push button or squeeze mechanism. Everything stays nice in place and you can do it one-handed. That's a big one, I really do like that. I also really like the cut of this jacket. You've got an extended back piece, which is nice if you're wearing a pack. It doesn't want to ride up because of the pressure and friction in the lumbar area. You've got Velcro adjustment points at the sleeve, so you can adjust this thing for everything from a larger, 4-season glove or slim it down if you're going to gauntlet that glove over top of your jacket or just pair it down in the summer when you're hiking. So we're looking now at the interior of the Super Cell Jacket. Patagonia's built in this nice, fleece material that lies right at the base of the hood. So when you do need to have that hood up, you've got a nice contact area for the back of your neck. It doesn't want to stick to the back of your neck like a lot of GORE rain shells, or just rain shells in general will. You can see we've got full GORE-TEX lining underneath the hood brim here is that adjustment point that we talked about earlier that's going to cinch that down and give it that nice custom rounded fit. And you can also see here under the arm, the pass through of that pit zipper. So all in all, the Patagonia Super Cell Jacket is a great cover everything sort of piece for you.