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Patagonia Footwear Rover Trail Shoe

A true hybrid, multi-sport shoe, the Patagonia Footwear Women’s Rover offers lightweight responsiveness for trail running while incorporating fit and underfoot performance for peak bagging and technical approaches.

Patagonia Footwear Rover Trail Shoe Video

Walker Ferguson: Running and linking together little peaks and climbs is really like the ultimate fast and light movement in the mountains. I mean, it is like you can head out with so little and cover so much terrain. Jeff Johnson: The ideal day is getting a pre dawn start. We have already ran, maybe, six, seven miles or something and just keeping moving all day. The basic concept of the Rover shoe is to have a shoe that you can spend long days in the mountains covering a lot of ground. You don’t have to bring your rock shoes with you. You can go as light as possible and just have one shoe. Walker Ferguson: You head out. You have got your little tiny, pack. You are covering a lot of terrain, but also having the ability to kind of scramble, climb. It was actually pretty fun to kind of get the chance to like totally conceptualize like what the shoe would be and how you want the sole to be shaped and where the {?} and {?} and start from the bottom. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. Jeff Johnson: It is a real minimal shoe. It is really light and has a really small drop from the heel to the toe and the four foot shoes lace really open so your foot can sway and you can run kind of in a natural way. And with climbing you want that stiffer. Walker Ferguson: And so it is going to give you the option when you are climbing you can really lace it up tightly to the toe. And then also, you know, wrapping the {?} up around the toe, {?} a little more protection and a little more traction there. Jeff Johnson: The more you know, the less you need. And that is always the goal is to try to do things with less.