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Pairing ENO Hammock Accessories for Three Season Use

In order to extend your hammock camping into the fall and early spring seasons, you'll need the proper gear to keep you warm. Eagles Nest Outfitters offers a variety of Top Quilts and Under Quilts to provide the insulation you'll need for a cozy backcountry experience!

Pairing ENO Hammock Accessories for Three Season Use Video

Eagles Nest Outfitters is one of the leading innovators in hammock camping. And one of the things that I appreciate most about all of their new innovations is taking hammock camping into three seasons. And what I have got here is a nice little set up. We have got a Topquilt by Eagles Nest Outfitters. It is going to provide warmth and protection. As your heat escapes, it is going to trap in that heat above you. We have got an Underquilt underneath here and instead of compressing that insulation that you would in a sleeping bag or something like that, this hangs underneath of your hammock and provides a nice nest underneath. So if you are taking your hammock into the backcountry in those chillier temperatures, you definitely need to pair them up together. So an Underquilt, your hammock, the Topquilt, paired with something like a bug net and a rain tarp, you have got a lot of protection in the backcountry into three seasons.