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Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi Hoody (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
Lightweight, wind resistant and versatile, the Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi Hoody is well-suited to a variety of outdoor activities like hiking and climbing.

Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi Hoody Video

Outdoor Research makes a very versatile collection of softshell pieces called the Ferrosi collection. I'm wearing the Ferrosi Hoody that is a piece of that collection. This is a women's-specific piece. There's also a men's Hoody as well. I think of this piece as the jacket that you're going to do everything in. It is a softshell and it is extremely thin. There is no insulation to this whatsoever. It's not even backed by fleece. You've just got the material they use is a combination of Cordura, Spandex and Nylon. And there's a good amount of Spandex in it, so you're definitely getting some crazy stretch, to the point where I think you could do somersaults and cartwheels and not be inhibited by this material at all. So it's going to be fantastic for anybody who needs a lot of mobility, maybe somebody who's doing some cross country skiing in warmer weather, somebody who's doing a lot of rock climbing or just for hiking and backpacking, it'd be a very comfortable piece to wear under a pack. So some basic design features on how the Ferrosi was put together. You can see two different colors here and that is set up as two different types of fabric. The body of this piece in the darker color and across the back is extremely breathable, so if you're wearing a pack against this, you're going to get a lot of moisture vapor passing through. You're not going to have that same feeling you get under a hard shell where you're wearing a pack and you're sweating like crazy. So you get some excellent breathability. This jacket is wind-resistant. It is not windproof. So you're going to get some air moving through it, but if you're doing an aerobic activity, that should be enough to keep your body temperature comfortable and cool, especially on a day like today where it's a little chilly out and I've got an extra layer underneath, this is a perfect piece to wear over top of that. A couple of run-throughs on pockets and that sort of thing. You do have a full, fitted hood so it's designed to fit really close to the head. I can get just a cap underneath of it. It would probably fit under a helmet really well. You've got adjustability on the sides here, so it's a nice fitted hood. You've got a little pocket here on the arm which is nice for stowing small things like a Chapstick or the keys to your car. And then you do have two zippered hand pockets here on the bottom.