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Outdoor Research Men's Crocodiles Gaiters (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
With a fitted design and durable, waterproof fabrics, Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodiles are trustworthy gaiters for extreme adventures.

Outdoor Research Men's Crocodile Gaiters Video

The Crocodile gaiter from OR is a go-to piece for them. It’s existed for quite some time and won a number of awards and it’s pretty easy to see why. This is a gaiter that can really serve you from everything from backpacking to extreme alpine environments. The crocodile in construction, starting at the bottom, has a urethane coated, nylon strap that runs underneath the mid-foot at the center of the foot, where the heel break would be on a mountaineering or backpacking boot. You can see the double connection points here making this field repairable and replaceable. So as you wear your gaiters, that’s obviously going to be a point of wear and you can replace it instead of getting a whole new gaiter. Coming up from there we’ve got a heavy duty, coated pack cloth over the section that would be in contact with a boot and at boot level. You can see it is reinforced and has some stiffness to it. Obviously it looks a little over substantial on a trail running shoe here today but you can really see that the build and structure of this piece is very strong. At the front we’ve got a velcro tab for safe keeping and the velcro continues its way up the entire front of the gaiter. So putting it on and taking it off is nice and easy. Just wrap it around the leg from the calf forward, velcro it down and secure it with the tab. You also have a metal hook here in the front. It would attach to a D-ring or the lace on the toe of a shoe where you don’t have the ring to attach it to. You find that a lot of mountaineering boots do have this auxiliary attachment point on the front because it is assumed that most of those users will also be using a gaiter. The leg portion of the Crocodile gaiter is a 3-layer Taslan GORE-TEX. You have full GORE-TEX protection in the areas that will be either deep in snow or if you’re walking through wet brush and reeds where you’ll be getting a lot of water on the upper portion of the leg, it will roll right off and keep you nice and dry underneath. You’ve got this cam buckle up top, really simple; you can cinch it down to wherever you need it to, close it shut and it keeps it around the top of your calf and keeps your gaiter from sliding down as you hike. As we continue across the front of the gaiter, you can see again, that velcro opening where you can pretty much lay this piece wide open, get it to where you need it to be, fold over that velcro, lock it in and your ready to go hike.