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Outdoor Research Echo Cap

Video by Outdoor Research
The ultra-lightweight Outdoor Research Echo cap is perfect for runners, bicyclists and fast-and-light hikers.

Outdoor Research Echo Cap Video

This is the Echo Cap from Outdoor Research. It’s a fantastically light little cap with a simple design, but really well thought out. So it’s an ultra-light hat. This material on the top is fantastically light. It’s like Outdoor Research basically took one of their lightweight wicking t-shirts and used it to build the fabric at the top of this cap. You’ve got a nice 4-way stretch, a lot of mobility. It’s going to be nice and cool on the top of your head. To give the hat some shape, you’ve got a bit of a stiffened material around the base of the hat. On the back, they’ve got this detachable clip. It’s easy to put on. If you’re a woman, you could throw a pony tail through there. It is adjustable and that adjustable piece of webbing tucks into the hat here so it’s a nice, clean back to the hat. A fantastic feature that Outdoor Research also uses is this foldable brim design. So what that allows you to do is you can kind of take the whole hat, stuff it inside of itself, fold it in half, stick it inside your pocket, you’re ready to go. So it’s easy to pack. It’s something you could easily throw in a suitcase. You don’t have to worry about the brim getting wrinkled or torn. The inside of the hat has no lining. It’s just that really lightweight fabric all the way through, so it’s going to breathe fantastically and you do get a nice headband around the outside made out of a material that ‘s going to wick sweat away and be very comfortable. Some of the fibers that Outdoor Research uses in this hat are called a polygene. They’re made with a recycled silver filament and silver has naturally anti-microbial properties, so it’s going to keep sweat and funky smells and mildew from growing in your hat. So if you’re looking for a hat and you do a lot of biking, running, hiking, whatever it is, this is a lightweight, very breathable hat that’s going to offer a lot of sun protection – it’s the Echo Cap from Outdoor Research.