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Outdoor Research Bivy Sacks

Video by Outdoor Research
High-performance minimalist shelters, Outdoor Research bivy sacks are ideal for mountaineering, fast-and-light backpacking or use in emergencies.

Outdoor Research Bivy Sacks Video

Hi I’m Nathan. I’ve been designing gear for Outdoor Research since 2004. Today I’d like to take you through our three top Bivy Sacks. Bivies are great when you want to move light, lean and fast. Essentially, it’s a small tent for just you and your sleeping bag. Let me take you through some of the features. All of our Bivies are constructed from 100% waterproof fabric. The upper shell fabric is a GORE-TEX respiration fabric that allows moisture from your exhalation to pass right out of the shell while still keeping you completely dry by preventing rain or water from coming in. all three are also seam-taped and share a common floor material – our extremely durable hydra-seal. So you get a really tight waterproof construction in this manner. You can essentially set them up in a shallow puddle as long as it’s not too deep and remain completely dry. The Advanced Bivy at 39 ounces has a removable bug mesh screen, 2-pole construction, one over the face and one on the top of the head and a vent at the footbox. That combination allows a massive amount of air to flow through here, keeping all that moisture moving out. And then as we start to go lighter and leaner, we go to the Alpine Bivy at 32 ounces with a single pull above the head and a fixed bug mesh screen. And then our leanest, lightest bivy, the Aurora Bivy at 24 ounces. This is the Bivy you want to use when every gram matters and you want to move as light and lean as possible. So Bivies are a great choice when you need waterproof, lightweight solo shelters.