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Outdoor Research ALTIHeat Technology

The Outdoor Research ALTIHeat technology uses a rechargeable, 3-stage heating system to provide up to 10 hours of added warmth for bitter cold weather when used at the lowest setting. Easy-to-use heat control at the press of a button on the back of the gauntlet allows the wearer to power the gloves on and off and adjust temperature settings.

Outdoor Research ALTIHeat Technology Video

Created for use in the coldest of temperatures, Outdoor Research has come up with AltiHeat Technology. It is a technology in gloves and mittens that has a heating element for ice climbing, mountaineering or just getting outside in those bitter cold temperatures. It is a little bit of added heat when your body can’t generate enough heat to keep you uncomfortable out there in the elements. So I want to talk about how to charge the AltiHeat changing unit and how to connect it to the glove and just kind of some tips on use. So, first of all, the AltiHeat battery pack, when you purchase the gloves or the mitts they will come with two battery packs, one for each glove. You can purchase more battery packs separately, so if you are out for a long period of time and you are going to need to be using more than one pack here, you can certainly buy more, charge them up before you go out. But you do get two packs here. These are rechargeable lithium ion batteries. So on the first charge these do need to be completely charged to 100 percent capacity. After that, once the batteries have been depleted, you can charge them in any state. So if you only use, you know, half of the battery life there, you can recharge them before they are completely depleted, but on that first charge they need to be completely charged before use. That normally takes about six to seven hours to charge them. So consider that before taking them out into the backcountry. They attach to the charging unit very easily. So there is a port here that will attach to each side. So you have got one here. They are ... they charge at the same time, so you don’t have to charge one for seven hours and then charge the other one. They charge at the same time and then they do come with a wall recharging outlet. It is important that you are only using the included Outdoor Research AltiHeat recharger. Don’t use any other types of rechargers. They are designed specifically for this unit. So that connects really easily to there and then this is what plugs into your wall outlet. And you can see I have got these batteries completely recharged and you have got a green light right here. The green light tells you that they are charged. Since there are two, one of the battery packs may be more depleted than the other. So while you are charging this, if you see a green, red flashing, that means that one of them is completely charged and the other one still needs to be charged a little bit more. If it is red, it means that it is not at its full charge. So that little green light is a really great indicator, it is really convenient. You do get three different wall outlets here. You get one for the US, one for the UK and one for Europe. So you can use these in other countries around the world and it snaps on there really easily. So you can change these out if you are traveling. To take them off, you just give it a nice click. So you have got a positive click there so you know that it is really on there securely. And then you can go ahead and plug these into a wall outlet. Once you have got them completely charged, you can unplug them and then put them into your gloves or your mitts. I have got a lucent heated glove here. And they do have its own little pocket. It is conveniently located right on your wrist, so they are not going to get in the way of your activities. There is a connection point right there on the inside. So you just have to make sure it is completely connected up and you have got a positive connection point there. And then you just want to make sure it is tucked away really safely in that included pocket. Not only is it tucked away in that pocket, but you have to make sure it is zipped closed with that AltiHeat. So once you have got everything together, there are four settings. You have a single push button right on the top here, right at that Outdoor Research logo. And the first time you turn it on, you do have to hold it in for a couple of seconds. So I hold that in for two or three seconds and automatically there is a red light comes on. Red is the highest setting. There is four settings here: high, medium low and off. The highest setting with red is going to provide a lot of heat for your hands and it is going to last for about two and a half hours depending on the temperatures and depending on how cold it is. So there is another setting for medium. That is going to last about five hours in cold temperatures. Push it again and you get to that green setting which is on low. The low setting will last for about eight hours or for about as long as a day trip. So, again, if you are going to be going out into the coldest of temperatures and you are going to want to have that on high the whole time, you might need to buy some extra battery packs. That way you are able to replace them throughout the day. Outdoor Research put the AltiHeat technology through a lot of rigorous testing, years of research and development. It put it through testing like cold weather immersion testing, wet and immersion in water testing. So you do have electronics here and they put it through a lot of safety development and research to make sure that in cold, wet conditions, this is still going to keep you safe. It is going to keep you warm and dry. The AltiHeat technology was specifically designed for those extreme sports where you are going to be generating a lot of your own body heat during the day. But you do need that extra added heat that is provided by the gloves or by that heating element in there. Those activities like ice climbing, mountaineering, snow shoeing, when you are going to be working up that heat, but maybe towards the end of the day or into the evening and into the night when it gets really cold, you just need that extra heat to help you just keep your hands warm and keep you outside even when the temperatures get really cold. It is the Outdoor Research AltiHeat Technology.