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Outdoor Research Alibi Jacket

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Outdoor Research Alibi Jacket has an array of features and technical soft shell fabrics that are ideal for ice climbing, alpine mountaineering and snowsports.

Outdoor Research Alibi Jacket Video

The Alibi Jacket from Outdoor Research combines three different materials to give you stretch in any activity that requires a lot of mobility be it climbing, any sort of climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing. We like it for snowshoeing and also for backpacking because of where the materials are placed. You can see with this jacket, the one I've got on here has a couple different colors of green on it. So what we've got here in this darker shade of green is a waterproof/breathable material called Ventia. This runs on the shoulders and also makes up the hood. What that does is that gives you a true waterproof material and a breathable material at the places where water tends to hit a jacket. This front panel is a truly breathable softshell material and underneath the arms you can see this third shade of green and across the back is a stretch material. What this does it gives you all kinds of mobility if you're climbing for high reaches without your sleeves wandering on you. It's really great for cross country skiing, anything where you're using a pole like backpacking with a trekking pole or snowshoeing like we said. There are a couple other features built into this jacket that really help it excel in those cold and wet conditions. So those great features for cold, we'll start down here. At the sleeves, we've got these gaskets that run right around, they're stretchy material that run around the wrist. So you don't have breeze or wind getting up the sleeve. A nice fitted cuff here. We've got a Napoleon-style pocket here right on the chest. We've got two other pockets down here on the side. These are waterproof zippers; they're lined with a mesh material. Very similar to what you see on the inside here which is that brushed mesh sort of lining. On the side of this jacket you've got OR's TorsoFlo zippers. You can see the zipper running up here. These are two-way zippers, so you can unzip them from the bottom up, all the way through the armpit. You can also zip them down if you need to vent just that way. Another nice feature is these have a snap on the bottom so if you are venting from the bottom up, this doesn't need to be laid the whole way open, you can keep it snapped so that it keeps the bottom of the jacket together for you. One of the biggest stand-out features on the Alibi Jacket to me, is the hood set-up. You can see that the hood is that same dark Ventia material that we talked about earlier. It's generously sized so you can fit a helmet in it. So it is compatible with those winter activities. You've got adjustment points on the hood here around the crown and also right here in the front to snug the hood around the face. But once you get on the inside of the hood, that's where this thing really shines. You can see we've got this little snap pocket here and what this tucks away is a hood liner built right into the jacket you can put this piece on, put your helmet on on top of it and then put your hood up over your helmet. This is going to keep wind off of the back of your neck, provide a little bit of extra insulation there underneath the helmet, keep you nice and warm and keep you focused on what you're going to do next, if it's your next climbing move or scouting your next location for where you're hiking or snowshoeing. Just take a little bit of that cold out of the factor. So that's the really nice hood set-up on the Alibi Jacket. So if you're someone who finds yourself outside when it's cold, rainy or snowy, you might want to give the Outdoor Research Alibi Jacket a good look-over.