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Outdoor Research Airpurge Dry Compression Sack

Video by Outdoor Research
The Outdoor Research Airpurge Dry Compression Sack utilizes an innovative air permeable/waterproof fabric band and integrated compression straps to maximize compressibility.

Outdoor Research AirpPurge Dry Compression Sack

Hi, I’m Nathan. I’ve been designing products for Outdoor Research since 2004. Today I’d like to introduce you to the AirPurge Dry Compression Sack. It starts with the concept of our standard dry closure, a minimum of three roles, clip the side-release buckle and then you have a dry bag. One of the coolest features about this bag, that differentiates it from classic dry bags, is a dry bag at this point would be static, you couldn’t compress it any further because none of the air would be able to escape. What happens is when you‘re trying to pack it into a tight space, like a backpack or kayak; you end up having a lot of wasted space without being able to compress the bag. So we added a layer of fabric here at the base, this orange ring, it’s both waterproof and air permeable. That means it’ll keep water out, but it also lets air pass through the bag so that you can compress the bag and change the dimension of it in a fully dry configuration. And a really interesting way to see how that’s demonstrated is we can take a piece of that fabric and put it in this little container here called a bubbler and we can pour water on top and you can see that the water doesn’t pass through the fabric, so it’s a waterproof fabric. But what you can do is pass air through the bottom, so this is a great demonstration of what happens as you start to compress this bag. The air just flows right out through this orange fabric. The way that you do that is that you pull on these straps here on the side. It’s nice to start with alternate straps and just kind of pull them down together and you can take something like a very bulky item, for instance a down sleeping bag or all your critical dry clothing for a mountaineering trip. For the final I like to turn it upside down, give a little push on the bottom, and tug at all the straps independently. So you can take a really large load and compress it down and have it stay reliably compressed while you load it into a Kayak catch for instance. One of the features I really enjoy is how it packs into its own stuff sack on the inside. It also doubles as its own internal bag for smaller items. So that keeps all your critical items right here at the top. The reason why I love this bag is it fuses two concepts, the traditional dry bag and the compression bag. So that way, when you put these two together, you’re ready for your next adventure.