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Osprey Xenith Internal Frame Backpacks

Providing customized fit, heavy load-hauling capability and convenient access features, Osprey Xenith internal frame backpackers are ideal companions for extended backpacking trips.

Osprey Xenith Internal Frame Backpacks Video

We are going to take a closer look at Osprey’s Xenith 105 internal frame backpack. This heavy hauling pack comfortably carries up to 80 pounds. It has got the customized fit that you have come to expect from Osprey. And despite its large capacity, it weighs in at under six pounds. Any discussion on a pack this big, designed to carry as much weight as the Xenith is, really needs to start with the suspension. So let’s turn the pack around and see how Osprey has equipped the Xenith for carrying heavy loads. There is a light wire frame that runs up and over the pack, really keeps that shape and helps to support the weight, drive it to the hip belt. There is also one single center aluminum stay that, again, helps to stabilize that weight and push the load down on to the hips where you can best support that load and do away with fatigue on the shoulders and the upper body. It has got excellent padding on the shoulder straps, on the harness, on the hip belt as well. This bioform harness, bioform hip belt can all be swapped out for the appropriate size to ensure that you get the best fit possible, kind of a signature of Osprey on their larger custom fit packs. So this can come off. This can come off and swap in its place whatever size you need. We certainly do stock those at Back Country Edge and can customize the pack for you. Sternum strap here in the center helps, again, to kind of stabilize and balance the weight. You have got load lifter straps up on top, adjustable straps here on the hip belt and lower on the harness as well that really helps to dial in the fit. One other thing to show you here. There is a range of adjustability on any size of the pack. The pack comes in a number of starting sizes as well. There is a bit of adjustability here on the harness. You can lift that. You can lower that. Gives you a short range even within a given pack size, again, to make sure that you are getting that customized fit that you would expect from an Osprey pack. One other interesting feature I would like to show before we turn the pack around and look at some of these other access features is the external hydration sleeve that is on this pack. You can see a little call out here that reads as H20. I am going to unclip this. What it allows you to do is—and you will see a hangar in here—is to actually hang the hydration system outside of the pack. So you don’t eat up any of the storage capacity that is inside the pack. If you would have any condensation on the reservoir, you know, then it is separated from what is inside the pack. So rather than hanging sleeve you find so often in other backpacks, similar backpacks, there is actually this dedicated external sleeve. Love that. Also makes it simple to pull it out, refill it, empty it, clean it at the end of the day and, again, at the end of your trip. Neat feature there. Turn the pack back around if you want to talk about some of the access features. We do also want to point out that we are looking at the 105 liter version of the Xenith. It does come also in an 88 liter version and a 75 liter. So slightly smaller versions, but large packs the whole way around. Within this 105 you have got a medium, you have got a large, you have got an extra large option. Sizing ranges or capacity ranges from 6400 cubic inches to a little over 6900 cubic inches. It just so happens that we are looking at the medium here. It is a lidded pack, so you have got this top lid. It does have height adjustability to it, so you can lift that as needed to expand the storm collar that is here on top of the pack to take full advantage of the maximum capacity. If you don’t have it that full, cinch down on the drawstring closure and there is certainly the ability to compress the pack with some of the cross over compression on the side and also on the top. This lid can be removed entirely. There are some clips here in the back. And this is probably the best removable lid/fanny pack that I have seen. There are some other packs that offer this feature, but a really nice build on this one from Osprey. You actually have a padded back panel in here similar to what you would find on some of the lighter weight offerings from Osprey. And then built in here is a nice adjustable web hip belt, so a nice feature there. On the pack itself this has two zippered storage compartments. So a lot of extra storage there on top of the pack. Again, large top access to the main compartment on this pack. There is also an internal divider between that top compartment and the lower dedicated sleeping bag compartment. See that there. Straps here on the bottom that are perfect for a sleeping pack or tent poles for that matter, any number of items that you can lash in place with those straps. Large stretch pockets on the face of this pack. So discarded layers or a rain shell, anything you might want to put quick hands on while you are on the trail fits nicely in there and, again, maintain that internal storage capacity. There is two columns pockets here on the front, so zippered pockets, tons of storage in here. You have got a stove on one side. I think I have got a sleeping pad here on the other. Got trekking poles, tool loops, very large mesh stretch pockets on either side of the pack. Got a water bottle tucked away here on the other side. In addition to those pockets—get these straps loosened up here—there... you do have the ability from either side of the pack to get in to the interior of the pack, so into that main pack body. And, again, that is mirrored on either side of the pack. There is really great access to a voluminous pack. And so instead of having to come in the top and hunt for anything you might be looking for, you can do some strategic storage here and really get to anything and everything you might need. Another interesting organizational feature here on the Xenith, one that I definitely want to call out, are the very large stretch hip belt pockets on either side of that hip belt. On packs of this size from Osprey in the pack you didn’t get hip belt pockets because of the customization that Osprey wanted to offer. The design didn’t allow for hip belt pocketing because they didn’t know what hip belt you were going to need to get the right fit and that needed to be a swappable feature. There has been a design change this year that allows that pocket to stay with the pack. The hip belt comes off, customized hip belt goes on in its place and you have still got that incredibly convenient access feature on the pack, really nice capacity in these pockets. Got a head lamp tucked away in there. And, again, just makes this pack that much more fully featured for extended back packing. The Xenith 105 from Osprey. If you are going a long way, you are carrying a lot of weight, this is certainly a pack to check out and consider for your next adventure.