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Osprey Atmos and Aura Backpacks

Video by Backcountry Edge
A long-time favorite among AT thru-hikers and fast-and-light backpackers, Osprey Atmos and Aura internal frame packs combine both durability and lightweight performance.

Osprey Atmos and Aura Backpacks Video

We're looking at the Osprey Atmos and Aura. The Aura being the women's-specific pack. These come in 65 liter sizes, which is what you're seeing here now, and also 50 liter sizes. This pack is a really great option for someone wanting to be a little lighter in weight, but also wanting great capacity and also storage options throughout the pack. As with any Osprey pack, fit is a stand-out feature on the Atmos and the Aura. You're looking here at the backpanel, which starts with a suspended, trampoline-style mesh panel. This is what comes into contact with your back. There's space behind that that allows air to flow, keeps you cool, but is also supportive. Along the perimeter here on the pack, a light wire alloy frame keeps weight down, but also gives a really solid carry. A nice balance of the two. The shoulder straps harness here at the top of the pack has really nice contouring, padding which makes it comfortable to carry. It's die cut, which keeps weight to a minimum without diminishing the padding and the comfort that you get from those shoulder straps. The Atmos and Aura are sized packs, so you do need to choose the size that fits you best, but this panel comes up and down, gives you about 3 inches of leeway, height upwards and height downwards to dial in the appropriate fit for you. Moving downward on the pack to the hipbelt, you'll see really nice foam padding here, a nice broad wrap, some cutaways keeping with that lightweight approach, nice hipbelt pockets on both sides, easy-to-use buckle that's fully adjustable. A really nice feature is called the Fit on the Fly – it's a Velcro panel that allows you to increase the length of that foam wrap to get the appropriate contouring and fit around your waistline and hips. Turning the Aura round, you'll see that it shares the same suspension as the Atmos. The placement, however, of the harness and hipbelts, as well as the angling of the hipbelts. provide an appropriate fit for female users. Not only do the Atmos and Aura carry well, they are also equipped with some nice organizational features. Starting at the top of the Atmos, you've got a nice sizable lid. There's a zippered pocket behind the face here. There's also a map pocket tucked in underneath. You can see that pocket underneath there. That lid can be removed entirely if you're looking to go a little lighter in weight or if you don't need that additional storage option up on top of the pack. You can see I've got a layer stuffed in this sizable stretch pocket on the face of the pack. Beneath that, on either side are two zippered, vertical pockets. Lots of great space inside these pockets, for any and all kinds of gear. You can see we've got a stove tucked in there and it saves the pack bag space for larger items and layers. On the 65 liter versions of these packs, both the Atmos and the Aura is a lower sleeping bag compartment. This is not on the 50 liter versions of the packs, but is on the larger of the two. It lets you get quick and easy access to that sleeping bag. There is a divider between the lower and upper compartments on the 65 liter packs, which also helps in organizing the contents of your pack. Stretch pockets on either side, very sizable stretch mesh pockets, compression all throughout the pack, which keeps anything and everything securely in place.