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Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset

Video by Optimus
The lightweight Optimus Terra Weekend HE cook set provides backpackers with reliable performance in a compact offering.

Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset Video

We are taking a look at the Optimus Terra Weekend He cook set. This is made out of hard anodized aluminum so it is very light weight. It weighs in at 9.7 ounces. That is also very durable. It is not quite as light as titanium, but it is very affordable, so if you are a back packer looking for something to go out with a weekend, maybe you have got two people, there is enough space in here to boil water for two people and do dehydrated meals, plenty of room for one person. You want to take a look at is cook set. Optimus includes graduated markings here on the outside of this cook set and you also have an opportunity to see what is on the inside here as well. So it makes measuring water for your meals quick and easy and you can see the design here of the handles that fold flat on the outside of the pot. And they fold out here, nice and easily. And so that means that this packs away easily, but Optimus puts this nice coating on the outside of these and the thing I really like about this is when they are against the pot when you are hiking there is no rattle sound it also protects the anodized aluminum from any sort of scratching that might happen. So the Terra Weekend He includes this larger pot with hat heat exchange system on the bottom. It also includes this other like smaller pot or a fry pan. It has a pinch and a fold-ing handle so that packs away nice and tight, easily. It fits over top of the main pot itself and they fold around so you have this nice compact cook set. I would also like to point out that Optimus adds a nice little spout here which is great for pouring out boiling water out and getting it to go into the vessel you need it to go into. And they also include a mesh storage sack. The Terra Weekend He will hold one of Optimus’ eight ounce fuel canisters as well as some other smaller canister stoves. They are not included with the set, but they will pack inside there nice and easily. That is the Optimus Terra Weekend He cook set.