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Optimus Terra Solo Cookset

Video by Optimus
Lightweight and durable, the Optimus Terra Solo cook set is designed to appeal to thru-hikers and ultra-lightweight backpackers.

Optimus Terra Solo Cookset Video

This is the Optimus Terra Solo cook set. As you can see it is a nice tiny cook set. It is go-ing to be perfect for one person who is doing a lot of fast and light cooking, not maybe backpacking in the summertime. You just want to boil water, eating dehydrated meals or making hot drinks. This pot set weighs in at 7.1 ounces. It is made out of hard anodized aluminum. So it is quite durable. It is very light weight. It is not quite as light as titanium, but it is also quite affordable. So the Optimus Terra Solo holds about 0.6 liters of water and you do have these nice graduated markings on the outside here and you see them on the inside as well. So that gives you some good visibility of how much water you are going to put in that pot. This has a nice pour spout here on the edge. This is a nice extra little feature there. It makes it easier to pour your boiling water out. And both of these little pots come with a foldable handle on the side. So that kind of packs that away for really nice storage. This one as well kind of pinches and folds. So you have a nice design. And they nest on top of each other. You can fit an Optimus canister as well as their Crux Lite stove in there, although they are not included with the Terra Solo cook set. So the Terra Solo does come with a nice little storage bag here. It keeps the whole thing together, packs down real small, fits inside a pack easily. And I would just like to make a note here. One of the features on this that kind of stands out from some other little cook sets is Optimus does coat the handle with this like nice rubberized coating. It keeps it from banging and rattling against the pot which is a very nice feature. So that is the Optimus Terra Solo. It is a great little cook set.