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Optimus Heat Pouch

Video by Optimus
The Optimus Heat Pouch helps insulate your dehydrated mealswhile providing a convenient place to warm your hands at the same time.

Optimus Heat Pouch Video

This is the Optimus Heat Insulation pouch. It is basically a little insulated pouch. It is de-signed for holding dehydrated meals or a cook pot that has food in it. You can see it has got these nice slots on either side you can tuck your hands into so it is going to keep your hands warm. It keeps your food about 30 percent warmer inside of this pouch than it would if it were sitting on its own. There is a Velcro opening on the side here so you can put your dehydrated meal in there, seal that up, tear the top off and tuck your fingers in there, pour the water in, go ahead and eat your meal, keep you hands warm while you do it. And if you wanted to use it with a pot you can use a smaller pot, but this is the Terra Weekend He, but that fits in there nicely with the handle sticking out. You could hold on to that as well. You could eat your meal right out of that pot if you needed to. So this is their heat insulation pouch. It is pretty light weight, crushable, foldable and you could pack it up and easily fit it inside of a backpack. If you are doing any sort of cold weather back packing it might be a really nice thing to have. It keeps your food warm while you are eating it and, if nothing else, it is definitely going to keep your hands toasty.