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Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove

Video by Optimus
Designed for ultra-lightweight backpacking, the Optimus Crux Lite stove canister stove is an excellent balance of weight and efficiency.

Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove Video

This is the Optimus Crux Lite canister stove. It is an excellent balance of weight and burning efficiency. It weighs in at 2.7 ounces and at that weight and being it is compact, it is one of the smallest and lightest canister stoves available today. The Crux Lite is a very light weight compact stove. This is going to be excellent for any-body who is doing some back packing and is looking for a stove that is going to take up very little space in their pack. It will be easy to operate and it can cook a wide variety of meal types on it. Look at some of the details on the Optimus Crux Lite. As you can see here, it has got a nice wide burner head, even though it is such a small compact stove. This is going to give you nice even heat. The flatness of it keeps that heat close to the bottom of the pot so you get really good efficiency in boiling. And you can see it does have these three little feet that fold out here. Those are you pot supports. So that is going to give you an even wider base. It really allows you to throw on something besides just a small pot to boil water. Go ahead and put a fry pan on there or something else of that sort. Also there is a little bit of a curvature to the design there. So you do get some really good stability out of those pot supports. Down here we can take a look. Here is your flame control. So you are just kind of turning this to adjust that flame on and off. That does give you some good simmering capabili-ties as well with this fine tuning here on the side. So the Crux Lite packs away here. You can see those little burner feet go down. You are going to fold that frame adjustment down and here is your nice package. It does come with a storage set. This little guy just kind of tucks away in there. It is pretty small, easily fit inside most pots. It does fit inside Optimus pots, especially their little Terra Solo cook set that they designed there along with the fuel canister. The fuel canister is not included when you purchase this stove. Crux Lite canister stove is really easy to use. There is no priming or pumping involved because it uses that canister and it attaches to here quite simply by screwing on. And it will boil about a quart of water in three minutes or a bit less in very good conditions and can be used into colder weather conditions, although, because it is a canister stove, it is not a full winter camping stove. So that is the Optimus Crux Lite. It is a fantastic little stove, a great balance of weight and efficiency. And anybody who is doing any sort of light weight back packing or through hiking or is just looking for an extra stove, maybe to throw into an emergency kit should definitely check out the Optimus Crux Lite.