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Mystery Ranch: A Mission of Innovation

Mystery Ranch has been on a tireless mission building seemingly indestructible packs since 2000, but the brand has a much deeper heritage…

Mystery Ranch: A Mission of Innovation

Get to Know Mystery Ranch

Person backpacking in the forest.
Rugged, functional designs dominate Mystery Ranch packs.

Mystery Ranch's co-founder, Dana Gleason, is an outdoor industry icon who has been designing and building backpacks in Bozeman, Montana since the 1970s; his award-winning packs created under the Dana Design masthead still represent a high-water mark in terms of function, comfort, quality, and durability in outdoor gear. Through the mid-1990s, when Gleason and business partner Renee Sippel-Baker sold Dana Design, climbers, skiers, backpackers, and other outdoor adventurers were constantly clamoring for the brand's packs for their amazing weight-hauling capability and carrying comfort. Dana Design Terraplane packs especially are still spoken of with great reverence by seasoned backpackers and probably always will be!

After enjoying early retirement for just a short time, Gleason and Sippel-Baker realized they missed making backpacks and Mystery Ranch got its official start with a new hip sack that Gleason's daughter Alice had requested (now the brand's patented lumbar wrap). Their rugged, functional designs were quickly embraced by mountaineers, forest firefighters, hunters, first responders, and perhaps most notably, the US armed forces.

On a Mission

Person opening a backpacking pack
Organizational features and innovative access keep your gear at the ready.

Word traveled fast, and Mystery Ranch's reputation for creating packs that effectively carry heavy weight and incorporate organizational features to keep gear at the ready at a moment's notice won the brand many fans among high-level tactical users. Although firmly rooted in the outdoor industry, by 2004, the United States military had come knocking at Mystery Ranch, and the company changed their entire approach to design and sales to actively support this specialized customer base. The relationships with their military users provided invaluable product testing opportunities and allowed the brand to push boundaries on the fronts of material technology and overall design.

"Built for the Mission" is the Mystery Ranch motto, which honors the deep bond that has been formed with military users, but also speaks to fact that building packs that hold up under rigorous, demanding conditions and frequent use, no matter the user's pursuit, is paramount.

Heritage and Innovation

Person standing in forest with backpack.
From day packs to thru-hiking, classic styling will stand up year after year.

With a pack-building heritage that spans four decades, Mystery Ranch remains committed to creating backpacks that are perfect for multi-day backpacking trips, extended expeditions, or technical day hikes, and you can count on their packs to last longer than most of the gear you put in them. When you load up a Mystery Ranch pack and hit the trail, you're carrying over 40 years of innovation with you.

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