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MSR SureLock UL-3 Trekking Poles

An ultra-lightweight (15 oz per pair) option for year-round hiking and backpacking, three-section MSR SureLock UL-3 trekking poles offer intuitive, fast and secure adjustability.

MSR SureLock UL-3 Trekking Poles Video

We are going to take a closer look at MSR’s SureLock UL-3 trekking poles, ultra light weight poles with a nice range of adjustability and easy to use confident locking mecha-nisms. SureLock UL-3 poles are three section poles. It is constructed of 7000 series aluminum. So while extremely light weight, 15 ounces for the pair, they are also extremely strong and durable. To extend the poles simply pull out that lowest section and it will positively lock in place. To get it to the preferred height there is a push bottom here on the handle and then you just extend that middle section to wherever you need it to be. There are marks on that middle section to show you exactly what height you have extended those poles to. The working range or usable range for SureLock UL-3 poles is 43 inches at the minimum, 55 inches at the max. You have got nice ergonomic foam grips. It includes an extended textured portion here below the poles, just a nice spot to grab the poles depending on where you are on a given hike. You may just want to grab your poles or make an adjustment to the length and you have got better grip because of that section. Poles. Each of the poles has adjustable wrist straps and they are constructed in such a fashion that you do have right and left wrist straps. Got nice carbide tips here on the end of the poles. These do have a breakaway design, on the off chance that you would get the pole wedged between rocks or in some fashion, rather than jeopardizing the shaft sections on the whole, this will break away and is re-placeable should anything happen. A threaded design here so we have got the low profile trekking baskets that come with these poles. In most conditions this is suitable to make sure that poles aren’t digging down any further than they need to and just keep you moving on your way. You can take those on and off, put snow baskets, broader baskets in play depending on conditions. Those are sold separately as are protective caps for the end of the poles. SureLock UL-3 poles from MSR, not a lot of bells and whistles going on here, but abso-lutely rugged construction, light weight design and reliability that you can count on for year round use.