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MSR Surelock UL 2 Trekking Poles

Video by Backcountry Edge
Innovative and versatile MSR Surelock UL 2 trekking poles offer ultra-lightweight, durable performance.

MSR Surelock UL 2 Trekking Poles Video

Here today and I’ve got MSR’s Surelock UL2 poles. The Surelock poles from MSR are a nice, lightweight aluminum design. You’ve got a couple of features that make this a very simple but very innovative pole. First off you’ll notice that the pole itself is not a round design. It’s what MSR calls a tri-lobe design. It’s got kind of a triangular shape to it that keeps this from rotating inside the shaft and that’s what allows you to have this Surelock, positive locking system. The positive locking system is a pop-out button that has a roller ball bearing on the front of it so that when you pop this in to adjust to the next point, it moves nice and smooth. This pole at its collapsed length is 27 inches long but you can adjust this for use in between the lengths of 41 and 55 inches. So you can pack it all down like that when you’re ready to be done with it. You’ve got a nice, foam hand grip here. It has a flat plastic top in case you need to palm the top of the pole; you’ve got a flat surface there to do that. You also have a padded wrist strap on these. The end uses a carbide tip and the end uses a small summer basket. MSR also includes a winter basket on the Surelock UL 2 poles. The Surelock UL 2 gets its name, UL because it’s ultralight and weighs in at 16.5 ounces for the pair, the number 2, because it is a two section pole. Combine those nice, innovative features into a lightweight package and that pretty much rounds out this pole from MSR.