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MSR SuperFly Backpacking Canister Stove

Video by MSR
A multi-mount interface allows the MSR SuperFly canister stove to work with domestic or international fuel canisters. A versatile option for backpacking or international trekking.

MSR SuperFly Backpacking Canister Stove Video

We're talking about the MSR WindPro canister fuel backpacking stove. The WindPro in a unique stove in the MSR line as it is the only remote canister fuel system stove. What I mean by that is that many canister fuel stoves are top mount. You have a canister, and the stove mounts on the top. In that environment or configuration you cannot use a windscreen which makes canister fuel stoves then become far less efficient. So what we have done here is by detaching the canister, it enables us to package with this stove a heat reflector and a wind screen. They serve to give you a wind free stable environment that you can then insert your cook pot, fry pan, or any other cooking implement into and have that stove work far more efficiently at getting the heat into you pot or pan without allowing it to blow downwind. Like most canister fuel stoves, the MSR WindPro is a very lightweight, easy to use stove system. The advantage to the detached canister gives you far more efficiency than your typical canister fuel stove in that you can use a wind screen and a heat reflector. Packing it up is as simple as unscrewing the canister, and folding up the three very stable pan wire stove legs so you have everything in a nice compact compartment.