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MSR Snowshoe Flotation Tails

Video by MSR
Flotation tails improve snowshoe performance in deep snow. The Lightning Tail 5" fits current MSR Lightning snowshoe models and the Evo Tail 5" fits current MSR Evo models.

MSR Snowshoe Flotation Tails Video

Modular Floatation Tails increase the surface area of your snowshoes, providing additional floatation on demand when venturing into deep powder. This allows you to choose a smaller snowshoe for maximum agility and improved efficiency on packed snow. Floatation Tails are easy to attach and can even be done while wearing your snowshoes and winter gloves. For 2010, the Modular Floatation Tail concept extends through the entire line, offering this versatile function in all Lightning and Evo models. To attach the Lightning Floatation Tail, hold the tail at an angle to the snowshoe and slide it over the back of the shoe. The snowshoe frame should be positioned in-between the guide bolts on the tail. Finally, pull up the tail using the grab loop and stretch the fabric over the back of the snowshoe to secure it in place. To attach the Evo Floatation Tails, unscrew the black knob in the center of the tail. Align the keyhole slots on the tail with the guide bolts on the back of the snowshoe. You can now slide the tail onto the shoe with a firm push. Finally, secure the tail to the shoe by screwing down the black knob until it fits snug in the notch.