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MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoes

Video by MSR
The versatile, innovative MSR Lightning Axis snowshoe delivers all-day-comfort in varying snow conditions. The durable, lightweight frame lends structure, modularity and a full perimeter of traction.

MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoes Video

The Lightning Axis is a revolutionary shoe. It is so because it provides revolutionary gait technology along with the traction and versatility that you have come to expect from MSR snowshoes. The Lightning Axis utilizes our revolutionary Axis Gait Efficiency Technology. What that basically means is that this binding can be adjusted to accommodate people that have a natural toe in or toe out stance. Simply pull up on this little lever and the binding can be shifted to one side or the other to accommodate and keep your shoes parallel in stride. This eliminates the need for somebody who, for instance, is slightly pigeon toed to walk bowlegged in order to keep the toes of their shoes from smacking into one another. As you can see here, this frame is basically an aluminum blade that wraps 360 degrees around the perimeter of the shoe. It has a very aggressive edge profile so that it is going to bite into even the stiffest of terrain. That coupled with a very aggressive front crampon and heel crampons, that also serve to brake the shoe on the way downhill so that you don’t slide, will give the user 360 degrees of traction in all directions that they travel. As you are headed uphill, the Televator is going to enable the shoe to stay in contact with the ground while your heel is going to land a couple inches above. What this is going to do is it is going to spread the pressure out across the entire frame and increase your traction. Secondly, it is going to limit your calf fatigue. When you calf has to come all the way up and then all the way back down you are going to see a considerable amount more strain than if you were to raise this and allow your calf to stop halfway through its motion. For maximum versatility MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes can be used with our optional accessory which is the modular floatation tail. These are sold separately and can be easily installed to increase the surface area on the deck of the shoe. This is important when you get into deeper powder where the more surface area you have the better the floatation. In most situations you will find that having a smaller deck on the shoe provide you significantly more agility and efficiency in your stride. The Lightning Axis is available in three sizes for men and it is also available in a women’s specific model. As you see, the women’s specific model has a more aggressively tapered tail. It gets narrower to allow for a more heel to toe stride that women typically exhibit. It also has a binding that is specifically designed to fit women’s footwear.