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MSR Evo Tour Snowshoes

Video by MSR
Featuring durable, molded frames, integrated traction rails, built-in heel-lifters and comfortable, easy-to-use bindings, versatile MSR Evo Tour snowshoes deliver all-around performance.

MSR Evo Tour Snowshoes Video

The MSR Evo Tour is one of the shoes in our Explore series of snowshoes. The Explore series of snowshoes combine top notch traction with all terrain versatility. They focus on all day comfort and ease of use. The Evo Tour utilizes our Speedlock binding which is the ultimate in ease of use. Once you get this, you are going to set it up to accommodate your specific piece of footwear and from then on it is just step in and step out. Basically this 2 inch wide band up front is something that you are going to set up the first time you put the snowshoe on. You then slide your shoe in on an angle and twist it to the side to lock it in place and then use the back band to secure the shoe. In 2 simple and easy steps your shoe is held very securely into that binding and again it is done as a step in step out setup so you can take this off just as easily as you put it on. In the worst weather conditions, wearing mittens or gloves, you can still operate this binding. The straps are not going to absorb water so they are not going to freeze and they are not going to be affected by ice and snow. Another advantage to this binding is the width of this toe strap and the beauty of this is that it disperses the pressure over a wider area on the toe box of your footwear which results in less hot spots and less discomfort for long term use. If you are someone who is heading out in the morning to go on an all day hike, this is the appropriate binding for you. MSR also offers Modular Floatation Tails that fit the Evo Tour. The beauty of the tails is that you can increase the surface area or the overall deck size of the shoe based on your snowpack conditions. In thick, deep, fluffy snow it is going to be important to have greater floatation and you can add the tails in one simple step by just clicking them in place. On normal days when you are out on packed powder it is going to be to your advantage to have a smaller deck on your snowshoe. The smaller deck will enable you to be more agile and efficient in your stride and as a result you will have a much better experience.