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MSR Evo Snowshoes

Video by MSR
An update to classic Denali snowshoes, molded MSR Evo snowshoes provide durability, all-condition traction and modular adaptability for rolling terrain.

MSR Evo Snowshoes Video

The MSR Evo snowshoe is engineered for optimal efficiency on rolling terrain. We believe that traction is the cornerstone to performance in any snowshoe. On the Evo we incorporate a molded unibody deck with 2 integrated traction blades that provide a very rigid and very aggressive edge profile to grip the terrain wether you are moving uphill, downhill, or even on a side hill traverse. The shoes feature a quad brake system that is going to stop you when you are moving downhill to keep you from sliding and a very aggressive front crampon to provide traction on those uphill climbs. The shoes are flexible and what that does for us is allows the shoe to shed snow that might have accumulated. Think of an ice cube tray when you twist it from side to side and the ice falls out. A very similar feature is built into the snowshoe so as you take a stride the shoe will flex from side to side not only shedding snow but also maintaining contact along the bottom of the shoe on all types of changing terrain. The binding system is what we call the PosiLock binding system and it incorporates a very flexible binding that will wrap to conform to multiple types of footwear whether you are wearing a running sneaker or a climbing boot, even in extreme cases a snowboard or alpine touring ski boot. The binding is held on to your footwear by 2 low friction straps. These straps do not absorb water so they are not going to freeze up on you. They feature very prominent tabs so that you can grab them easily while wearing mittens or gloves so you can get in and out of the binding very quickly. Because this binding is so simple, it is also very versatile and easy to use in the worst weather conditions. The Evo, like all of our snowshoes, will accommodate a floatation tail. This is an accessory that you can buy separately and the idea behind the floatation tail is that allows you to increase the surface area of the snowshoe by quickly and easily clicking the tail onto the back of the shoe. Why would you want to increase the surface area of the shoe? If you find yourself out in deeper powder more surface area is going to keep you up on top and it is going to float better. In most cases when we are just walking around on packed powder trails and enjoying a nice casual stroll in the woods what we like to do is have the smallest deck possible to provide you the maximum agility and maximum efficiency in your stride. Modular tails allow you to have the best of both worlds.